We’re Moving

The Davidges are headed south for the winter, South Louisiana to be exact. My husband, David, grew up in Hammond and always anticipated getting back to his roots. He’s been located in North Louisiana for 14 years now and after many conversations, contemplating what’s best for us, tears, etc, we are packing our bags.

IMG_9048-1Our one bedroom humble abode in Bossier City, Louisiana was a nice nesting area for us newlyweds. The location is what I truly liked best, and the fact that it was brand spanking new!

Our plan was to stay for 7 months, which somehow turned into 16 months. Plans, what are those?? I’m not complaining though. We aren’t the couple to jump into anything without really putting all of our thought, effort, and heart into it.


I quickly learned that my husband makes quite the packer and is truly excited about being “that guy” with a U-Haul. I believe his words were, “Davidges on the move.”IMG_9065

Moving has made me realize a few things…

1. Our homes are disgusting once you move all of the furniture out.

2. You can never have too many boxes.

3. True love is a family member or friend offering to help you pack.


Also, if my girlfriends lived a little closer. We definitely would have tried on all of my clothes and played “Trash or Keep” via Sex and the City. It’s probably one of my favorite scenes from the show, and who doesn’t love drinking champagne, playing dress up, and laughing until it hurts? IMG_9057 Moving week started on Saturday during what seemed like the most hectic work schedule of my career. Since David was leaving Tuesday (and I was crazy busy with sessions), he began packing up furniture, and my office started to become non-existent. So , I had to get crafty and created a make shift office with my prop chair. It came in handy for two days.

IMG_9052-1Then, I only had a floor and a computer.  IMG_9064

And.. We had to sleep.IMG_9049    Eventually all of our stuff was packed away and ready to head south. I can’t believe between two vehicles and one tiny U-Haul it managed to all fit.


I said adios to David and had two days to make sure everything was together. I have lived in North Louisiana my entire life minus that one summer I spent in Dallas, and it didn’t hit me until I was sitting in my empty apartment about to turn in our keys that this was it. *Insert anxiety here*  This is my “I swear, I’m excited to move face…”FullSizeRenderOne thing I know will help with the transition is that I will be in North Louisiana for two weeks every month for the next year. A “two weeks on, two weeks off” schedule, if you will. My family, friends, and clients will be a huge priority when I’m in town. I appreciate all of the encouraging words and the life we have made in Bossier City. Here’s to our next chapter! Oh, and finding a house…

Mark Eric Workshop

I recently participated in a workshop hosted by this guy…

Mark Eric. I have been stalking his photography for some time now, and his shots have amazed me. The man can take any light situation and make it stunning. When he held a workshop, I was in! He brought in the most talented team to make this workshop one that will take your photography to the next level. He, also, added one other amazing photographer to help as well, Melody Hood.

It was held at Movie Sets which is the most incredible venue among their authentic movie props and sets used in actual movies filmed in Louisiana. (Side note: Their collection features key items from American Horror Story, Dawn of Planet of the Apes, Django Unchained, Maze Runner and film crews are continually renting set dressings for the latest films and tv shows.) Mark also brought in Ashley Sievert Beauty and Hair by Ginger. They are the complete package when it comes to a glam squad.

With all of their powers combined I give you Mark Eric’s Workshop through me, Nicole Davidge with Southern Shutter Photography:CD9A4899CD9A4952CD9A4915 CD9A5055 CD9A5201 CD9A5203 CD9A5205

Mark’s workshop was about putting a photographer in the worst possible situation and making it spectacular. He is willing to help and humble. Two qualities I adore in a photographer.CD9A5261CD9A5221CD9A5295 CD9A5306 CD9A5308

Ashley Sievert (the makeup artist) also styled all of the shoots. When she brought out a chandelier instead of a floral arrangement, I died a little.. Of happiness. It was just perfection.CD9A5311 CD9A5318 CD9A5341

Might I add these rooms were pitch black.. CD9A5364 CD9A5408 CD9A5413 CD9A5416 CD9A5421 CD9A5462 CD9A5464 CD9A5488 CD9A5486 CD9A5513 CD9A5518

I’ve wanted to shoot in direct sunlight for some time now. I could never figure this out until now. My favorite pictures from the entire workshop are these.CD9A5525 CD9A5529 CD9A5536 CD9A5541 CD9A5556 CD9A5560 CD9A5564 CD9A5578This wasn’t your typical workshop where everything is perfect. We had to make it perfect, and he helped us understand how to do just that.

CD9A5638 CD9A5644

How to have a successful girl’s weekend in New Orleans

I love my girl friends, like a lot. We have known each other since diapers and through all life has thrown our way we have made it through the nonsense. Our friendship and love for each other is truly special. I know this. My point is we strive to make a point to see each other. To be honest I really don’t think we can go very long without seeing one another. We made a point to meet in New Orleans on our three day weekend. These two ladies flew in from Dallas, Texas to join us. IMG_9003

I picked them up from the airport and we found a happy hour until our newlywed, worker bee got off work. (Side note: Mrs. Elizabeth Piper recently tied the knot on 12.13.14 in New Orleans to her Prince, Jason.)IMG_8865

We began our weekend on Magazine Street. There’s a plethora of adorable shops, good eateries, and nice bars in the area. We even managed to crash a hat party while heading to dinner. They said free cocktails and we were in.


One thing we all like to do is eat, and we are really good at it. At every restaurant we treat it like we are a family. We call it family style. Let me explain…We each order different appetizers, drinks, main courses, desserts, and share it. It’s GLORIOUS! Our first joint was Cowbell. It is definitely bona fide.IMG_9001

After dinner we needed to do some dancing at Red Eye located in the Warehouse District and then head to some late night munchies at F&M’s. After singing Taylor Swift at the top of our lungs, we were hungry for cheese. IMG_8892

The next morning our amazing Nola tour guide took us to District Donuts. The fancy donuts and my most favorite sliders live here, but not for long. IMG_9006IMG_8999

After a few sliders, we were off to get dessert and shop.

Might I add, my friends have so much style. Look at Emily’ red lip, floral pants, and twisted hair. She’s the cutest.

Dessert finally happened.

We went to Sucre, which is a must in New Orleans. The desserts are very scrumptious!


We love each other if you can’t tell. Thank goodness we still had one more day together at this point. Mrs. Piper brought us home to get ready for night number 2. She even managed to take us to the lake front to see the sunset. We are really romantic like that.IMG_8996

Another thing. A red lip is always a must when we are together. IMG_8995We didn’t take many pictures from this night. I think we were too busy enjoying one another, but dinner was at Rue 127. Our drinks were named after presidents and the meal was perfection especially since we did it family style. Afterwards, we headed to Bourbon Street for a quick drink and crowd watching at Saints and Sinners. Sadly, Channing Tatum wasn’t there. (He owns the bar in case you are wondering what in the world I am talking about.)IMG_8902

Sunday morning always calls for brunch! The menu, food, and bottomless mimosas will grab your attention from the start. Katie’s Restaurant is top notch.

After brunch we went to the French quarter to take in the good weather, see the tourist hot spots, and relax.CD9A4798  CD9A4802 CD9A4807CD9A4810CD9A4821CD9A4824CD9A4830CD9A4832  These three are my favorite ladies and travel companions if you haven’t caught on yet.CD9A4840 CD9A4843CD9A4844 CD9A4846CD9A4847 CD9A4848 CD9A4851IMG_8911CD9A4852  CD9A4882  CD9A4854CD9A4856 CD9A4861 CD9A4863IMG_8919CD9A4868 CD9A4865We even had a little fun on the Muriel’s balcony. Emily on the far left has been married for over two years, Elizabeth just got married in December as I mentioned earlier, and I have been married since May. Mary has been in a serious relationship for almost 5 years. You might think she feels left out or hates listening to us, but it is quite the opposite. She is perfectly content with her relationship and extremely happy where her life is as well as ours. So, to be funny we took this. A lot of women can relate, but because she could care less it made it that much funnier. IMG_8993 Also, Muriel’s has drinks as good as its views.CD9A4870             IMG_8992 Before taking our Dallas gals to the airport, we couldn’t let them leave with empty bellies. So, the best cheeseburger had to happen. I introduce you to Company Burger .          FullSizeRender

Elizabeth, thank you for planning the most delicious weekend. It was everything we could want. New Orleans has never disappointed us nor have you. I can’t wait to see where we go next!

Mystic Seminar… Oh. Em. Gee.

Mystic Seminars in Portland was an experience, I believe, all wedding photographers should encounter. I was surrounded by the most creative wedding genius’s in the biz and able to learn from them. Wow!


These are all of the inventive photographers that spoke. Sam Hurd, Dan O’Day, Todd Laffler, Sean and Ale, Huy Nguyen, Sergio, Gabe McClintock, Hiram Trillo, Lindsay and Daniel Stark, Michael Greenberg, Blair and Christy, and Susan Stripling..1463351_10204697942144371_7393362714801597319_n

I was lucky enough to arrive a day early to do a workshop with Susan Stripling. This lady rocked my photography world! She has a very dramatic touch to her photography but also keeps it simple. I admire the way she approaches photography and her images have blown me away. IMG_8718

Kristin and I were amazed, literally. I felt like I photo-bombed their moment just a little.IMG_8719

So, I had to have my own. She has changed my photography for the better. I am grateful for her and her willingness to share her tricks of the trade.IMG_8727

We even got to shoot with her! When you nail it in the camera, you’re doing something right.

Here are a few of my images from the workshop…CD9A4011CD9A4148CD9A4140CD9A4151CD9A4047CD9A4168CD9A4215CD9A4221

I even shared a few on social media and this happened…. I freaked just a little!IMG_8750

The seminars began January 11-13. I wasn’t sure at all what to expect, but what happened opened my small photography brain to a world of options and pure inventiveness. 

Don’t be mad, but Canon was cleaning my camera gear (for free), so all of my images are from the trusty ole iPhone.

For three days we listened to every speaker about their journey, inspirations, and what works for them. My head still hurts from the information overload, but it has been the most helpful.IMG_8759

We also had to make another trip to Voodoo Donuts for the sugar rush of course.IMG_8749IMG_8746         All of these adorable people are from Louisiana and made it that much more fun!

IMG_8769FullSizeRenderY’all. Donut Sliders. The end.FullSizeRender

I even got to meet this sweet couple that shoots out of New Orleans, Dark Roux! They definitely win cutest name. It was their first time to speak at Mystic, and they hit it out of the park.IMG_8774IMG_8818

We actually got to partake in one other workshop with Hiram Trillo! The only down fall was we had to stay up until midnight and with the two hour time difference, we got delirious. It was for the sake of photography though, so we pushed through.

Olivia even said at one point, “I can’t hear em’.” (For those of you who don’t have a southern drawl it’s normal English for.. I don’t hear him.) We quickly realized she said his name and tears were running down our faces from laughter, exhaustion, and delirious tendencies. FullSizeRender-2IMG_8815 This guy was awesome! One of my favorite speakers actually. I would have to say if I could be like one of the photographers that he would be in my top two. I’ll tell you though.. Hiram Trillo and Gabe McClintock unbelievable! Check their work out!FullSizeRender-4

Last day we made it and it looks like we were the only ones. This is our try not to look sleepy face. IMG_8828

Being greeted by this every morning sure did help. It was as if Portland was greeting us each time we opened our eyes.IMG_8829Great group of photographers all from Louisiana right here!         FullSizeRender-1

We had to end the seminar with a farewell party. I cannot tell you how fun, exciting and photography changing it was. These two women made it extra special. I adore them even more! yourphoto3FullSizeRender-3

And these guys, wow! Creative minds all of you! yourphoto

And lastly… Poor Kristin has to pee every 15 minutes. I am not exaggerating. We were on our last flight home and the airline held us captive in the terminal for “extra security”. This lady had somewhat of a struggle. When she got on the plane they wouldn’t allow her to use the bathroom until we took off and the blue light over the bathroom was off. The flight attendant yeld at her 4 times. At one point a guy sitting in the next seat handed her a cup “just in case”, and we were making jokes the entire time. When you are delirious the smallest things can make the best memories. This was taken while she waiting for that stinking blue light to turn off. Don’t worry she made it! IMG_5856

With Portland behind me, I am leaving today to see my ladies in New Orleans to spend some much needed quality time together! I get withdrawals from not seeing them easily.  You will hear so much about these three. They are my lady soul mates and have brought more happiness in my life than I can ever thank them for.

IMG_0112I am also taking a Mark Eric workshop on Monday in Slidell, Louisiana, AND I am participating in the New Orleans Bridal Fair. Can’t wait to share more on that. Laissez les bons temps rouler!! 

Taking Portland for a Walk

We have arrived and were greeted by the cutest sign.
CD9A3880I am here with two other female photographer friends Olivia Lott and Kristin Van Zandt. (Side note: You should check them out. They are incredible!) We are here for Mystic Seminars, but arrived a day and a half early to see the sites. Our first taxi ride I asked the driver to give me all the must-do’s, and he replied, “Bars and strip clubs.” Since that wasn’t exactly on our itinerary, we decided to venture out on our own.
CD9A3812We  walked. Apparently, Portland is a walking town, and I am pretty sure 4 miles later we had seen a large portion.

CD9A3813 CD9A3817 CD9A3819 CD9A3820One of the stops we found was 23rd Street and Irving. The shopping and food really hit the spot and made the walk very much worth our while.CD9A3827CD9A3834One of the lunch spots we enjoyed was Nob Hill Bar & Grill.CD9A3838CD9A3837The Nobby Sliders were legit. The special sauce running down the bun and those french fries.. I am drooling thinking about it.  CD9A3845

We couldn’t pass up dessert either. Salt & Straw came highly recommended and I know why now. If you are ever here You. Must. Go.CD9A3856CD9A3857CD9A3858CD9A3859CD9A3860CD9A3863IMG_8698CD9A3868 CD9A3869 IMG_8690CD9A3872CD9A3874CD9A3875CD9A3878

The food trucks are excellent as well as cheap. You can’t beat those two. CD9A3889Luckily, our hotel was in the middle of Downtown, so we were close to most things we needed, but food is on every corner and you won’t miss a yummy spot.CD9A3897

Our hotel, The Benson, has many things such as happy hour. But seriously the staff has been the friendliest, our room is legit, and the location is perfect.CD9A3899Apparently all there is to do here is eat. Every place has hit the spot including this one. The duck was perfection.

We couldn’t do Portland without visiting The Heathman Hotel. Charlie Tango definitely dropped us off. For those of you who don’t know Christian Grey has been here (in a book). We had to have the full Christian Grey service though.

I introduce to you the “50 Shades” cocktail complete with mini hand cuffs. CD9A3918

Three blocks away is this little gem, a Portland must. The pictures say it all.

I am very thankful for all of the walking due to all of the eating, but experiencing Portland was interesting. It is a cool spot with very unique stores and has some delicious food, but there isn’t much to do this time of year. Luckily, I am here to learn all things wedding photography, so my time is very occupied. I finished Susan Stripling’s workshop and Mystic Seminars has begun! Both have been very inspirational!

I am looking forward to the next couple of days and can hopefully still manage to squeeze into my pants after burgers, ice cream, and donuts. But I am on vacation, right?!

Hello World!

793a1189Hi y’all! I am Nicole Davidge, a wedding photographer based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, and a fashion junky.

793a1596I recently did a fun session featuring some of my favorite styles with the very talented Stephanie Davis Photography. Take a peek at this colorful session filled with black stripes and gold polka dots!


I just landed in Portland, Oregon for Mystic Seminars, a 4 day wedding photography seminar, and I can’t wait to learn from some of the most creative minds in the business. I will also be doing a workshop with Susan Stripling! I am SOOO excited! Wish me luck! I’ll be sending love from Portland very soon! 793a1766