A New Adventure

Dear Baby Davidge #2,

I tricked your Dad today. Before I get into that let’s start from the beginning… You aren’t our first baby. We actually brought back more than a souvenir from our honeymoon. After the fourth of July, I was late, and your dad made me take a pregnancy test before he left for Pennsylvania where he works (start getting use to that). Anyway, I walked out of the bathroom and said, “I don’t think I’m pregnant.” The second line was very faded. David went to trusty Google where it instructed him very clearly that  “a line is a line.” I then pointed out to him that my best friend, Elizabeth would be so mad at him for making me a pregnant bridesmaid. It’s so funny to think about the words that come out of your mouth when you’re in a ditter. At this point, I was 6 weeks along. I was in complete shock, but so excited we would be starting a family so soon. What really upset me was how your dad found out I was pregnant. It wasn’t special, but definitely a story I will never forget. So, I attempted to make it special for him.  IMG_4886

Unfortunately, at 8 weeks, we lost your brother or sister. No one ever prepares you for something like this. I was  surprised we got pregnant so quickly that I thought it was meant to be. Afterwards we watched the movie “90 minutes in Heaven” where a younger sibling dies and comes back to life. While he was unconscious he visited heaven and sees his miscarried sister. It gave me great hope that one day I will meet our first child. I know there is a reason all miscarriages happen, and I give all women the most love for what they have endured. It took me a while to want to start trying again. I told David that I wanted to take a trip to California first. We actually planned the trip the month our sweet baby would have been born.

Then you happened!

As I have tears running down my face, we are so happy to start our family and meet you. However I don’t think we are allowed to go on trips anymore. The trend seems to be that I will always get pregnant.

I have had every pregnancy symptom known to man (or woman for that matter). It was 5 days before I should have known I was carrying you, but I had a feeling that I could take a test just to see. I had eaten dinner with your Pappaw Tolar and Bren Bren. After dinner they were running to the store, so I had a little time to run to the pharmacy and take a quick test at their house before they got home. (Side note: Your parents are living with their parents because we haven’t found the perfect house for you YET. Cross those tiny fingers that we find one soon!) So, I rush home take the test, turn it over, and leave for 5 minutes. I return to see the happiest word a new Mommy could ever see, “PREGNANT!”IMG_9960

I didn’t know what to do or how to contain my excitement. I came so close to telling your Bren Bren, but I wanted her to find out in a sweet way. The next morning I called the doctor and set up an appointment to make sure everything was going right this time. I couldn’t do it by myself. I was scared to find out the same news from last time. The struggle of having a miscarriage makes you think you’re about to have another after every cramp, blood test, and little sign that might lead to that. So, I told your Bren Bren first.

After the blood work results came back that I was pregnant, it was time to tell your dad. I was finally going to be able to surprise him! I called your Aunt Ashley and told her the joyous news and my plan with her help. We went over to your Uncle Nick and Aunt Ashley’s house for supper. When we finished, I told David that I had been working on something for our one year anniversary coming up in May.

He wasn’t too excited about getting his picture taken and your Uncle Nick gave him grief about “how ridiculous my idea was for a first anniversary”, but your dad went along with it. I told him to write something that he loved about me and I would do the same about him.CD9A3002

He was so sweet! CD9A3003

Then it was my turn!! I had the BIG NEWS!CD9A3007

His reactions make my heart melt! CD9A3017 CD9A3018

Your Dad hates “getting got”, so he has to piece everything together to figure out how this all happened without him figuring it out sooner.CD9A3019 CD9A3020

We are over the moon excited for our new adventure with you! CD9A3021 CD9A3022 CD9A3024

Your sweet Daddy has already nicknamed you Little Biddle, and I am eating everything in sight to keep you fed. The doctor said everything looks great thus far, and we will see you at 6 weeks and 6 days to hopefully hear your sweet, little heart beat. Our next step is to tell the Davidge side! They are going to be so excited!

I purchased these shirts to tell the Davidge family. il_570xN.734496741_i8xzI am pretty sure it went over well.. This is us telling David’s Mom.

Telling David’s Dad is quite possibly my favorite..

After this we went to David’s Aunt Sherry and Uncle Skipper’s. Aunt Sherry got it in record time and Dave’s Uncle never got it. We had to tell him, and then it was hugs all around. Next on our list was David’s brother and wife, Sarah. Poor Sarah wasn’t feeling well and as soon as she realized the shirt wasn’t calling out David’s gut she got so excited that she threw up. Trevor never got the shirt, so we started calling him Uncle Trevor, and then it all made sense.

Next up was telling all the men in my life (your Pappaw Rowton, Pappaw Goodwill, and Pappaw Tolar) and my step mom (your JJ) with the help of these.

il_570xN.739430836_lsmhLittle Elephant Crafts

I ordered golden eggs when cracked had a message inside revealing we are pregnant with you. Your Pappaw Goodwill thought it was chocolate at first, and when he realized it wasn’t he said, “That’s about the only thing better than chocolate.” I lost it! Hormones will make you do that right?! Your Pappaw Rowton and JJ just called me screaming with excitement.

Everyone is very excited about you coming into this world!


You are our grandest adventure!

You are loved more than you will ever know. I can’t believe you are growing inside of me right now. Your heartbeat is music to our ears and day by day you are talked about and cared for. Daddy is still trying to find us a house and takes care of Mommy as much as he can. I have found a new love for maternity pants. I don’t think I will ever wear another pair of pants for the rest of my life. I am sleeping all the time. I feel like a bottomless pit always staying hungry, but what I love about it is with all the changes my body is making, I know you are there. We will be seeing you!

With all our love,

Mommy and Daddy

How To Punch Up Casual

How to punch up casual…

I have been eyeing this tee since Tory Burch released her spring collection. Call me crazy, but it was my favorite piece she released. The navy stripped collar and the bird illustration takes casual to the extra element of dressy and fun. So, I had to have it for my California adventure to the Red Wood Forest. I paired it with high-waisted navy shorts and my polka dotted tennis shoes to complete the look.CD9A9883

It got a little chilly as we drove north, so I changed into my most favorite pair of jeans.CD9A0054CD9A0067CD9A0059CD9A0066CD9A0056

The comfort and cuteness of this look fits right in for this adventurous day! CD9A0011

Top: Tory Burch

Jacket: Dillard’s

Jeans: H&M

Tennis Shoes: Target
CD9A0028 CD9A0024

California Part 4 {Red Wood Forest}

The most eventful, exciting part of our trip was seeing the Red Wood Forest. It’s 5 hours from any major city and pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but it’s definitely worth the trip to see those Red Giants. We luckily had the best travel buddies who made it the most memorable adventure to date.

After leaving the diner in Sonoma, we were headed north towards Eureka. The roads were very windy and my brother drove Mario Cart just like the video game pretending to throw turtle shells at other cars and accelerating around curves. (We all believe Nick has 9 lives like a cat. He used up one life here by not driving off a cliff. More to come..) Seriously though, that poor car… I really don’t know how Ashley and I never got sick in the back seat. Thankfully the scenery was easy on the eyes and made the hours pass a little faster.

Our first stop was in Leggett, California, where we saw our first Red Woods and got to drive through An Actual Tree called the Chandelier Tree.CD9A9837 CD9A9844 CD9A9867 CD9A9875 CD9A9878 CD9A9879 CD9A9880

We were headed to our next spot when we realized the trees were everywhere. You can see them along the roads with such scenic backdrops. We had to stop.CD9A9897 CD9A9899

Our first major tourist must was the Avenue of the Giants. This world-famous scenic drive is a 31-mile portion with its 51,222 acres of redwood groves. It is by far the most outstanding display of these giant trees in the entire 500 mile redwood belt. The Avenue of the Giants is surrounded by Humboldt Redwoods State Park which has the largest remaining stand of virgin redwoods in the world.

IT WAS AMAZING!CD9A9904 CD9A9911 CD9A9917 CD9A9918We were determined to see all the sights in one day. So, we headed to the actual Red Wood Forest, and I swear the trees got bigger. We even managed to make it to elk country where we were steps away from wild elk. The boys were in heaven!
CD9A9939 CD9A9949 CD9A9951 CD9A9954

One secret spot is the Golden Bluffs and Fern Canyon which is in the Red Wood Forest. The road was a tad bit sketchy. It’s a one way road that goes for ten miles until you reach the spot always going up and down cliffs. Signs would say beware of tsunami and falling rocks. We even managed to send the mario cart through a creek to get to there. Once again Nick “knew” we would make it. So, David gets out to measure the water and tells him which side to cross, I am on the other side videoing it, Ashley is in the back seat laughing , and Nick gases it only to find out it wasn’t nearly what we thought. This could have been Nick’s cat life number two gone. It could have been a big ordeal if we would have gotten stuck in the middle of no man’s land. Luckily, we didn’t and made it to the bluffs. After we were parked, we started our hike to Fern Canyon. When I looked to my right and saw this guy about 15 yards from us.CD9A9959

Nick using cat life number three took his phone and my camera (I’m an idiot for letting him take my camera) to get a up close picture of the elk. We were waiting for him to get taken out, but THIS ELK was kind to him.CD9A9962We safely made it to Fern Canyon. This canyon was used as a set for Jurassic Park II. Nick has always been a huge fan of the series, so he was pretty thrilled to see it.


We were extremely lucky to see a very rare sighting of an actual T-Rex left behind.CD9A9970

But in all seriousness, it was a sight to see!CD9A9972 CD9A9975 CD9A9978 CD9A9988 CD9A9992

Cat life number 5 and 6 were used here. Nick about crashed in Fern Canyon twice. CD9A9996 CD9A0011 CD9A0013 CD9A0018 CD9A0028 CD9A0032

I was in my happy place. I love nothing more than seeing beautiful scenery. I felt as if I was in an enchanted forest for a whole two days. So skipping was a must..CD9A0039

The Golden Bluffs.

It was like having a private beach all to yourself. I’d recommend camping here if you ever have the chance. It’s probably the safest and most stunning spot to spend your evening while visiting.CD9A0049 CD9A0052 CD9A0065 CD9A0066 CD9A0068

The gates closed at sundown, so we had to leave. As we are driving off, we spot the biggest elk we’ve seen thus far. I like to call this the highlight of our California trip and Nick’s cat life number 7.

My brother “had” to take a close up picture of this wild elk and is literally five steps from him. Mr. Elk didn’t like it. He charged him! In a matter of seconds Nick dove off in a bush the size of a house, Ashley and I ran towards him like we were going to do something, and David was getting into the driver’s seat to ram it with the rental car. After we realized Nick was ok and our adrenaline slowed down a bit, we never stopped laughing. However Nick did manage to get this epic shot right before his olympic winning dive. Which brings me to my next point… Don’t play with elk! IMG_9828

We called it a night after the elk play date and headed to Eureka. Eureka is not a town you feel safe in by any means. It’s a town you feel you’re about to get robbed, asked for drugs, or taken hostage. I am so thankful we had Nick and Ashley with us to feel more safe and to witness everything that was happening. No one will ever believe what we saw.. For example, we literally saw a woman that was blue. She looked like she was dead but walking around… So we started talking about the zombie apocalypse happening in Eureka. It was just sketchy ok!

The next morning we were headed to Sacramento where we would fly home, but not before David took us to see every epic redwood there is.CD9A0070 CD9A0071 CD9A0072 CD9A0073 CD9A0074

I give you the Girdled Red Wood….CD9A0075

This big redwood is thin-skinned but managed to survive a major insult. About one hundred years ago, a group removed most of the first 30 feet of bark and took it to San Francisco to stitch together a faux redwood trunk for an exhibition. Remarkably it survived, and the scar edge allows visitors a dramatic view of the one-foot thickness of the redwood bark.CD9A0078 CD9A0081 CD9A0082

The mythical, enchanted forest is so quiet and not a animal or bug to be seen. It was unlike anything we had ever seen especially being from Louisiana.CD9A0084

We also had a rare sighting of Sasquatch in the exact same spot he was spotted once before.CD9A0089

I give you the immortal tree…CD9A0093

An attraction with a name like “Immortal Tree” is just asking for trouble. Still, this almost 1,000-year-old redwood has survived lightning, fire, floods, and ax-happy junior Bunyans.

A sign next to the trunk recounts its various brushes with death: lightning removed the top, the logger’s axe had at it in 1908, forest fires and the notorious “Flood of 1964.” The tree was once 298 ft. tall, and has been whittled to a still respectable 258 feet, with a base diameter of 14 1/2 feet.


CD9A0101 CD9A0103 CD9A0104

I give you the Founder’s Tree…

It offers a nice view from a distance because the limbs don‘t start until almost 200 feet up, more than half the length of a football field. Onlookers notice primarily the big trunk, described as a majestic temple column.CD9A0107

I give you the Dyerville Giant…

This champion tree crashed to the ground in 1991, creating a thunderous roar akin to a train wreck, but still impresses visitors today. The one million pound giant left behind a carcass almost 400 feet in length including a huge uprooted root cluster with wooden “dreadlocks “ sprouting in all directions, as well as an enormous crater where it once stood. CD9A0115 CD9A0118 CD9A0123

We spent the rest of the afternoon counting rings… Only kidding. No on has time for that.

Then we made it to the Giant Tree…


Once 363′, it is now 354′ after a storm broke off its top. Not the tallest redwood, but pretty much the best in show. Designated a Champion redwood tree for having the best combination of height, diameter and crown spread, or how the branches spread out. It may be the largest coastal redwood, as far as mass goes. CD9A0149 CD9A0152

 So let’s review, Nick only has 2 cat lives left, we saw a T-Rex and Sasquatch, and never ever stay in Eureka.

California has become one of my favorite states to visit in the US of A. I am so grateful to have had this trip and shared it with my husband, brother, and sister-in-law. We made more memories than I can count, laughed until it absolutely hurt, and made an adventure never to be forgotten.