Pirate or Mermaid ???

Dearest Little Biddle,

I am 17 weeks today, and your parents are dying. Not literally. You just have this thing called a gender now and waiting three weeks to find out is kind of long. In the meantime, I have only bought you one thing… (I am waiting to know the big news before I buy you more)

And your Dad had to out do me by FINALLY buying us a house! That’s your room in the right corner minus the dirt of course.IMG_0941

I might have gotten teary eyed just a little since they started a whole month early. If we can get nested any time sooner, I am ready to move in today. Speaking of things starting to build.. I believe you are finally trying to show yourself. Every week I take a picture trying to find (what I hear can appear over night) “the infamous bump”. There are days I could bathe in a pool of mac&cheese, mexican food, and fried rice, so I am doing my part. Still waiting for the full version… Stay tuned!FullSizeRender

I absolutely love watching you grow. Our monthly appointments are the only way this pregnancy feels real to us up until last week when I finally felt you flutter. Still seeing you on the big screen makes my heart flutter. You are so active every time. The last ultrasound, it looked like you were waving. This time it looked like you were smiling and clapping which gives me even more reason to think that you are a boy. Because.. You are your father’s child. Your Dad is still not sure if you are a boy or girl. Either way we will love you more than we ever knew was possible.
CD9A3687With all of that going on, we will all wait until June 27th to know if you are a Pirate or a Mermaid!!

Thanks to one of my best friends Mary Catherine at StudioFourty60 for making the cutest gender reveal invitations I have ever seen! 

Until then your big news is sealed and hidden. It will be revealed very soon on the planks in Manchac! CD9A3695Oh and one other thing.. Your Dad felt you moving around in my belly this morning! 
DSC_9516-202We are absolutely smitten with you!

The Last Session as Two

Dave and I made it a whole year together!!

To celebrate, I got the talented Christie Froom Photography (who got in the swamp up to her knees) to capture the sweet moments before we add a precious little one to our family. I was 13 weeks pregnant, so of course little biddle is still included in the celebration. Being the photographer that I am, pictures and memories are extremely important to me and how we have changed year by year is something I want to remember. We will cherish these joyous times as we await for Baby Davidge to make his or her appearance. DSC_9190-1 DSC_9211-21 DSC_9220-30 DSC_9237-41 DSC_9242-44 DSC_9246-48 DSC_9249-51 DSC_9254-56 DSC_9258-60 DSC_9276-65 DSC_9286-71 DSC_9310-79 DSC_9311-80 DSC_9340-89 DSC_9341-90 DSC_9342-91 DSC_9367-104 DSC_9395-125 DSC_9398-128 DSC_9413-140 DSC_9427-149 DSC_9435-155 DSC_9438-157 DSC_9456-171 DSC_9473-186 DSC_9477-190 DSC_9480-191 DSC_9500-197 DSC_9516-202 DSC_9537-213 DSC_9668-251 DSC_9684-259 DSC_9744-284 DSC_9759-297 DSC_9767-304 DSC_9769-306 DSC_9773-310 DSC_9785-321 DSC_9789-325 DSC_9793-329 DSC_9811-341 DSC_9820-347 DSC_9821-348 DSC_9836-354 DSC_9883-356 DSC_9903-358 DSC_9929-360 DSC_9930-361 DSC_9936-364 DSC_9938-366 DSC_9954-368 DSC_9961-372