Breck Because

I live for our girls weekends. We haven’t all been together since January when we romped around New Orleans. (Click here to see that fabulous trip.) It was time for another get together, ok! We have been on the streets of Vegas twice, floated the river in Gruene, explored the concrete jungle of Dallas, and got our fill of the enchanting (and delicous) French Quarter. We needed a change of scenery. The view we wanted was the mountains, but more importantly the cooler weather. It was 107 degrees when we boarded the plane to Denver, Colorado. Emily and Mary would be flying in from Dallas, and Elizabeth and I would be headed from New Orleans. We had it planned perfectly. Ok, so Emily had planned it perfectly. She was our Colorado travel guide who made our trip better than ever. Our flights were 15 minutes apart, and we landed late Thursday night. Side note: Never allow Emily and Mary to travel to the cult-like, Illumnati headquarters that is the Denver Airport by themselves. Alarms happen.  After arriving, we headed straight to a delicious dinner at Steuben’s. I think we were so happy to see each other that no pictures were taken. Minus a few snaps of Steubey snacks. The next morning we needed a sugar high for our road trip to Breckenridge, our ultimate weekend destination.

This called for… Voodoo Doughnuts.
IMG_0628 After serious menu anxiety and buying at least a dozen donuts between the four of us, we were on our way.IMG_0636We like to take our donuts with a view.
IMG_0571IMG_0629IMG_0637IMG_0631I have the cutest friends in the whole wide world!
breckMight I add we family styled our donuts. With a donut in each hand, we had a bite of a bite of each donut. It really is the only way. IMG_6982Breck was right around the corner and only an hour and a half drive from Denver. Who knew it was that close? Oh, that’s right- Emily. Upon arrival (and much ooh-ing and ahh-ing), we headed straight for Downtown Breck,  which was only a block from our lovely condo.
IMG_0638IMG_0634IMG_0642Mary was fascinated by the blue trees every time we saw them. Apparently an artist from Austrailia does this to inspire awareness and discussion about global deforestation. It will definitely catch your eye.IMG_0650The next venture was to Fatty’s Pizzeria, which had food as good as its atmosphere. Emily had her eye on it the whole time as a must-eat spot.IMG_0643Our next downtown venture was to Mary’s Mountain Cookies. We would like to think Mary knows all these delicious recipes…IMG_0576IMG_0645And then I became a cookie momster.IMG_0577After a day downtown we checked into our condo, reserved activities for the next day, and got ready for the Breck nightlife. We started our evening at Apres with flights of beer and set to conquer the world one jenga block at a time.
IMG_0648I ordered a delicious American Whiskey with a splash of water. Hold the whiskey.
IMG_0579IMG_0657We really like to eat if you haven’t noticed. It was time for dinner after all the water/beer intake at The Motherloaded Tavern.IMG_0653Dessert was s’mores tableside. Need I say more?
IMG_0660We ended the night with a “wed wine” and beer run before heading to our condo to play heads up. I think we all cried from laughing so hard. For the record, I killed it in the category Animals, Elizabeth knows her 90’s like no other, Mary now knows who Heather Locklear is, and Emily nailed it.

The next morning we were prepped for the great outdoors. Fueling up on coffee, coke and water, we were ready!
IMG_0640IMG_0646Mountain biking was first on our list. I was 25 weeks pregnant, and I am not going to lie- I was a little nervous. Being the only one in the group without prior experience, I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully they took it really easy on me, and we finished unscathed. Barely. IMG_0663Next, we headed to a green, which after it was all said and done seemed to be the exact same as a blue but shorter in length.

I am so happy I have such adventurous, fun-loving friends! They were all in beast mode at mountain biking, especially Emily. I was truly impressed with their skills. Don’t worry I didn’t stay too far behind them. IMG_0666IMG_0672We enjoyed all the views.
11870677_10104897943963065_985153580786497665_nIMG_0670After a four hour ride we pounded some waters.IMG_0659And some truffle fries mountain side at TBar.IMG_0589Next thrill of the day was the Alpine Slide. The guy behind us said a girl was thrown off of it the day before and hurt pretty bad. I got nervous once again, but the rest of my crew hit high speeds.IMG_0676

This poor girl behind me had no idea a turtle, a pregnant turtle at that, was in front of her. I’m pretty sure I ruined her vacation. IMG_0597

She definitely caught up to me about halfway down the slide. Opps!

Since we had barely eaten the whole trip, we needed fresh fruit. So crepes. IMG_0595We had Strawberry Shortcake with angel food crumbles and nutella, Cheesecake filled with strawberries, graham cracker crumbles, and cinnamon, and Peaches Foster with caramelized local peaches and chantilly cream.
IMG_0679After some good, quality Saturday reflections we headed back to the condo with a bottle of wine and hot tubbing to relax those muscles. I am pretty sure we ran a couple off in the hot tub after deep girl talk discussions. If you ever want to make strangers feel uncomfortable, we know just the right topics. Message me for details.IMG_0680Sunday sadly came, but we had a big day ahead of us before we boarded the plane to head home that evening. This cute, little coffee shop served us breakfast and caffeine both mornings we were there.IMG_0683IMG_0686IMG_0688We took in our last downtown views before heading to one last adventure.IMG_0689IMG_0718IMG_0705IMG_0701IMG_0600IMG_0693IMG_0691

Paddle boarding on Lake Dillon.
IMG_0706It. Is. A. MustIMG_0708IMG_0606IMG_0712IMG_0721They even went SUP on a Sunday.
IMG_0716IMG_0715This sums it up pretty well.
IMG_0713IMG_0723I leave these trips feeling like a brand new person every single time. Each of these ladies are amazing in their own ways. We each bring so much out in one another. We are easy to travel with even down to the way we eat. They make me laugh harder than anyone else and clearly take great pictures. I didn’t pull my camera out one time the entire trip.  They see things the same and differently, and we are overly open about all the thoughts and feelings. There isn’t one thing I don’t know about each of them. I am kind of glad our shuttle made us say our goodbyes so fast before boarding the plane. I about lost it in a matter of 10 seconds. I am the first of our group, squad, tribe, cartel to have a baby and not knowing the next time we will have a weekend together makes me so sad. I know for a fact our trips will never end, but if I ever lost the time I get to spend with them I would be heartbroken. It amazes me every time how much joy these three ladies are in my life. I simply adore them and who they are. I am very lucky to have lifelong best friends to make each other a priority in our lives after 27 years of friendship. The mountains in the summer are purely magical and sharing it with them made it a trip worth having.

Until next time, I will be craving the blueberry streusel crepe and the brownie boat…


The Tripper

You may not know this but we have two dogs. Our lab has been in training her whole life sadly, so we have lots of attention to give to our golden retriever, Trip. Luckily, we will have Sashay back in September along with a house followed by a baby in November. Since the wonderful chaos hasn’t hit yet, I was able to take some portraits of our golden. He recently started getting some white hairs around his snout (I could cry), so we thought it was time to update his portfolio before he becomes elderly.CD9A5734CD9A5707 CD9A5720 CD9A5723 CD9A5733 CD9A5741 CD9A5743 CD9A5748 CD9A5760 CD9A5766 CD9A5777 CD9A5788 CD9A5792
I am bias, but I think he’s the most handsome golden retriever that I have ever seen!

S’mores, Stargazing, and Lake Greeson Fun

Family Camping Trip to Lake Greeson

We haven’t been on a family trip since the Big Red Boat (my first cruise) in nineteen ninety something. I don’t even remember the exact year. It was that long ago! We were past due on the whole family vacation thing. So my step-sister, sister-in-law,and I put our heads together to plan a great weekend getaway. Our first choice was the beach, but we eventually gave up on that idea. Ashley (my sister-in-law) had a great idea to travel to the lake.

So, we loaded up the camper and boat and headed north towards Arkansas.IMG_0324The beauty and serenity we discovered was exactly what we all needed.
IMG_0371We arrived Friday afternoon at the Swaha Lodge and Marina, unloaded all the goods, and headed straight to the lake for some tubing and relaxation. 

Side note: The nap time/ life jacket struggle is real. It doesn’t get much more adorable.IMG_0402After a sun-filled day, we were hungry! It was time to fill our tummies lakeside.CD9A5815The men fired up the pit, the kids played, and the ladies got everything together. CD9A5817CD9A5826We like to make cooking a social thing. I believe David’s words were “Drinking is Cooking”.
CD9A5818CD9A5833 CD9A5840 Garrett and Ryan gathered wood for the bonfire.

Dessert would be s’mores!CD9A5841The cabin area had a bonfire setup with huge rocks around it for sitting. It made the perfect scene and ending to our night. My favorite part of the whole weekend was sitting around the camp fire. With the nature sounds, stargazing, and everyone enjoying each other eating sweets. You can’t ask for more.
CD9A5852CD9A5849 CD9A5850 CD9A5852 CD9A5865CD9A5853CD9A5872 CD9A5873CD9A5877 CD9A5882CD9A5879CD9A5883 CD9A5884 CD9A5888 CD9A5890 CD9A5894 CD9A5896 CD9A5900 CD9A5907They were that good!CD9A5908 CD9A5916The next morning David and I were early to rise and took in our stunning view.
CD9A5921 CD9A5923 CD9A5924 After two attempts at waking everyone and failing, we decided to head to the Dam Grill for breakfast. CD9A5929 David got the “Big Dam Breakfast”. CD9A5931 He was very amused that they had a menu for “The Dam Kids”.CD9A5932Taking his precious time, he decided to feed the fish with his leftover biscuit. Apparently the “Big Dam Breakfast” was pretty dam big.

We took our “Dam” jokes and headed to see the rest of the family. Might I add that my sister is a trooper. She has taken Emmie on three adventures, and she isn’t even three months old yet. Talk about a trooper!CD9A5940 We spent the rest of the day on the lake tubing, floating, and chatting.IMG_0405IMG_0372I got some sweet kisses and snuggles from my favorite munchkin.IMG_0407IMG_0408

All and all we could not have had a more perfect trip. IMG_0406Things I don’t want to forget:

1. My mom does not like to make hamburger patties.

2. Tubing can make little boys go from scared to death to happiest day ever in a matter of seconds.

3. Corn dip never ends. You can eat on it for days and it still looks like the same amount.

4. My mom brings enough food to feed the whole camp ground for at least a week.

5. Nap time doesn’t exist.

6. Some people do more than #1 in the water.

7. Some of the best conversations are had in a diaper lifejacket.

8. Be careful pushing someone in, you might fall in with them.

9. The leaves crunching aren’t always a child. It might be a raccoon.

10. Hank is not a fan of a moth.

11. Watch out for walking sticks on trees. They might crawl on top of your head.

12. Emmie has mastered the pouty lip. Cutest thing ever!

13. S’mores and a bonfire are always a good idea.

There was a time on the boat and a time around the camp fire that I thought these are the moments, you don’t want to ever forget. While watching the boys tube, our childhood came running back to us. We all related to it. Some of our most favorite memories were spent on the lake and hanging on for dear life to those tube handles. You’re so happy that you can’t even smile in fear of biting your tongue, and the next morning don’t even count on not being sore. Now, we are the ones in the boat watching those boys experience the same thing.

 My other moment was watching “Uncle” David and the boys make s’mores.

Being 5 months pregnant, it doesn’t take much for me to get emotional, but thinking about adding one to our family and how good he is with them brought much fulfillment to my heart.

With all of that said, family vacations are the best idea.