Dixon’s 1st Month

At 8:17 PM one month ago, I gave birth to the best gift God could give us. How has a month gone by with our precious baby boy? It has been a roller coaster of emotions, but the best month of our lives. We have laughed, cried, lost sleep, been peed, pooped on, spit up on, stared, kissed, rocked, snuggled and loved all over Dixon. I don’t even feel that life truly existed until we became parents. It is surreal. We couldn’t be more lucky to be Dixon’s Mom and Dad and watch our baby grow through all of his little stages of life. 1month
You love looking at lights, beard kisses on your neck from dad, being held, bath time, snuggling with mommy, being swaddled, and eating. You are not a fan of being hungry for a split second, clothes going over your head, riding in a carseat, and being put down.

Dad introduced me to you on Thanksgiving Day (11.26.2015). I cried from the moment I heard your adorable cry and couldn’t stop. You are the most perfect baby we have ever laid eyes on.

11988512_548469868639309_4673729506916611408_nYour Dad couldn’t stop smiling when you entered the world. I think he came to the realization that he’s a dad when you came out, and I personally love he became a softy because of you.IMG_1819We waited for your arrival for 40 weeks and 1 day. When it came down to it, I was in labor for 28 hours until the doctor decided a c section would be the best idea to bring you here. This picture will always remind me of pure happiness as I held you for the very first time and realizing that we did it. It was a huge relief and the grandest birthday for you.
IMG_1823In recovery, I was able to finally love on you. I was numb from the chest down and had the jitters terribly bad. I held on to you tight taking you all in.
IMG_1833I couldn’t kiss your delicious face enough.IMG_1834Day 2 and I am still getting all of my kisses in. It will be this way for a while.CD9A7286I do believe you knew your Dad from the very start. Watching y’all take each other in is something I could watch over and over again. (Side note: He gave you your first bottle. We are still working on those diaper changes.)CD9A7291CD9A7292Family and friends poured in to see your precious face.IMG_2098IMG_1831

Your Aunt Emily and Aunt Elizabeth stayed for half a day, and we all had a good cry. (Aunt Mary and Aunt Savanna were here as well) Everyone brought your mom a bottle of wine for some reason. 12316348_10105186907088645_7279340814384056772_nYou really enjoy your naps. Sleeping like a baby is real.IMG_1821LSU played Texas A&M. We had you game ready to match your Dad. They won!
IMG_1830After 4 days in the hospital, it was time to take you home.CD9A7319 CD9A7324CD9A7338 CD9A7339 Your Aunt Sarah and Uncle Trevor came to visit you.CD9A7343 We celebrated Thanksgiving.IMG_1839I gave you your first sponge bath.
CD9A7350Cutest bear I have ever seen.CD9A7359You weren’t a big fan.FullSizeRender-1-2 We went to your first doctor’s appointment. You had gained 2 ounces.CD9A7361Dad is so proud.IMG_1881I could watch you sleep forever.CD9A7363 Meeting Sashay went well. She gave you a big sniff down.IMG_1852You petted her nose.FullSizeRenderThe first two weeks were a little less of a struggle with the diapers from my baby shower always keeping me entertained. They really helped out with those 2 AM changes. CD9A7605 Yawwwn. Your yawns are by far adorable.IMG_1845I had such a cute outfit on you in the hospital to celebrate Thanksgiving, but as soon as you had it on the nurse had to take you. So, we played dress up at home.
CD9A7631 IMG_1886IMG_1934Breakfast and baby in bed.IMG_1921Taking your newborns was a little bit of a challenge, but we managed.IMG_1898CD9A7385CD9A7493More yawns.. I can’t get enough of you.IMG_1892IMG_1947Your Grandmother’s adore you.CD9A7651 CD9A7653 Your Bren Bren stayed with us for 2 weeks. She was a huge help, and I don’t know how we would have made it without her here.CD9A7656 Your first outing was to visit Santa.CD9A7690You decided to take a little nap with him.SS_20151206_000005SS_20151206_000004Your Dad kept you for the first time alone for two hours, and this is the text I received from him. Thank goodness for that paper towel.IMG_1978IMG_1940Furry snuggles.IMG_2028I believe you should wear this until you’re potty trained.IMG_2014You can be so serious.IMG_1995You love quality time with Dad.IMG_1971You nailed the blue steel model pose.IMG_1969You like to smile right before you fall asleep. I feel the exact same way.IMG_1968 I am still kissing you.CD9A7827 But you make the cutest deer in all the fields, and this isn’t the last of the animal outfits.CD9A7830 CD9A7831We went to your two week appointment. You gained 1.3 pounds and grew 1.5 inches.
CD9A7840You made my birthday the most special this year since you are the best gift I could ever receive. Your card was my favorite.CD9A7865I stole all the kisses from my little monster.IMG_2058Then we made a Davidge sandwich.IMG_2050With Christmas around the corner, we hung your very first stocking for Santa.CD9A7937You might have been a bit lazy during your first tummy time. We will get there.CD9A7924You weren’t too sure what to do, but goodness aren’t you cute.

When you act the exact same as you did in ALL your ultrasound pictures…IMG_208412191913_10100921962721608_3080194721949140604_nThen there are moments like these when Dad is simply telling you about the bats he saw at deer camp in his deer stand and the sweetest little moment happens…

Or your Dad gets up, grabs you and starts dancing on the coffee table. (Side note: The first night I met your dad he swept me off my feet as well by dancing on a coffee table. Full circle.)

With all the boy time and deer camp talk, we packed you up and took you to the deer camp for the very first time.IMG_2110We hung out in our room majority of the time. Your Dad killed a doe and Uncle Skipper said you were the best baby and could come back any time. Your Aunt Sherry said our new motto is “Have baby. Will Travel.”IMG_2112Apparently deer camp was a lot of excitement for you. You lost your umbilical cord, so I gave you your very first bath. You watched the water faucet the entire time.IMG_2128You were the cutest thing to happen during the Saints season.CD9A7985You were also Santa’s Little Helper. CD9A8003You had your first Christmas Eve. We watched Christmas movies, read The Night before Christmas and The Grinch, and blasted Christmas tunes.CD9A8133You also had your very first Christmas. We helped with your presents and put wrapping paper on you. You kept looking around and were a happy little boy. Mom and Dad loved all over you!CD9A8174Open mouth baby kisses are the best.CD9A8184Beard kisses are your favorite.CD9A8206Happy 1st Month Dixon!

We have truly enjoyed every stinking minute with you in your first month. You came at such a busy time that many first happened fast. We are trying to take it all in. You are the most wonderful thing to happen to us. We love you and are looking forward to every day with you little bear. Every day is the best day ever with you!

Awaiting Baby Dixon

My maternity pictures are here!! The talented Savannah Kate Photography captured them. They are even more perfect than I had pictured in my mind. You can never go wrong with cypress trees and cotton fields. I was 30 weeks along and could not wait to hold and see my baby. All I could do is cradle my belly.
Savannah Kate Photography01 Savannah Kate Photography02 Savannah Kate Photography03 Savannah Kate Photography04 Savannah Kate Photography05 Savannah Kate Photography06 Savannah Kate Photography07 Savannah Kate Photography08 Savannah Kate Photography09 Savannah Kate Photography10 Savannah Kate Photography11 Savannah Kate Photography12 Savannah Kate Photography13 Savannah Kate Photography15 Savannah Kate Photography16 Savannah Kate Photography17 Savannah Kate Photography18 Savannah Kate Photography19 Savannah Kate Photography20 Savannah Kate Photography14Savannah Kate Photography26 Savannah Kate Photography27 Savannah Kate Photography28 Savannah Kate Photography30 Savannah Kate Photography31 Savannah Kate Photography32 Savannah Kate Photography33 Savannah Kate Photography34 Savannah Kate Photography35 Savannah Kate Photography36 Savannah Kate Photography37 Savannah Kate Photography38 Savannah Kate Photography39 Savannah Kate Photography40 Savannah Kate Photography41 Savannah Kate Photography43 Savannah Kate Photography44 Savannah Kate Photography45 Savannah Kate Photography46 Savannah Kate Photography47 Savannah Kate Photography48 Savannah Kate Photography50 Savannah Kate Photography51 Savannah Kate Photography52 Savannah Kate Photography53 Savannah Kate Photography54 Savannah Kate Photography55

Photography: Savannah Kate Photography

Dresses: Sew Trendy Accessories

Floral Crown: Love Sparkle Pretty

Hair: Cheveux by Robbie Meshell

Makeup: Bel Viso Makeup Artistry 

Dixon’s Newborns

And then my soul saw you and it kind of went “Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

Dixon was 7 days new when I was privileged enough to take my little boy’s newborn pictures. He is so tiny, and I am somewhat obsessed with him and his little features. I’m not going to lie these took me a whole day to shoot since I ended up having a c section. Getting up and down was tough. Luckily my mom was here to help with the setup and made it a lot less stressful. Dixon on the other hand might have pooped on me twice and peed on me three times, but these sweet pictures will be a memory that we will treasure forever.  


Our little pirate came ashore on Thanksgiving Day (November 26, 2015) at 8:17 PM. He weighed 7.5 pounds and measured 20.5 inches.CD9A7387 CD9A7392 CD9A7395 CD9A7396 CD9A7399 CD9A7402 CD9A7405 CD9A7406 CD9A7417 CD9A7419This was the first time Dixon saw his nursery, and I did a lifestyle session of him throughout the room.
CD9A7443 CD9A7444 CD9A7446 CD9A7448 CD9A7451 CD9A7453 CD9A7456-2 CD9A7462 CD9A7464 CD9A7466 CD9A7467 CD9A7471 CD9A7473 CD9A7478 CD9A7482 CD9A7485 CD9A7486 CD9A7493 CD9A7494 CD9A7497 CD9A7503 CD9A7504 CD9A7515 CD9A7516 CD9A7518 CD9A7520 CD9A7523 CD9A7524 CD9A7525 CD9A7701 The love I have for him is unexplainable.CD9A7712 CD9A7713 CD9A7717 CD9A7731 CD9A7736 CD9A7737 CD9A7738 CD9A7740 CD9A7742 CD9A7744 CD9A7747 CD9A7750 CD9A7758If I know what love is, it is because of the two of you.
CD9A7762-2 I have completely fallen in love with David even more seeing him as a dad. It is one of the sweetest experiences, and each day my heart becomes more and more full. The way he looks at him, holds him, loves him.CD9A7764-2 CD9A7767-2 CD9A7772 CD9A7779 CD9A7787 CD9A7790 CD9A7808 CD9A7811 I couldn’t end without getting those adorable tiny features like our feet.CD9A7868 I could look at his toes all day long.CD9A7869His tummy.CD9A7871The button nose and chin roll.
CD9A7872His beautiful hair.
CD9A7873 His ear and how his hair wisp over the tip top.CD9A7874 CD9A7878 CD9A7882 Baby hands.CD9A7886 CD9A7889 CD9A7892 Those perfect pouty lips.CD9A7893 His hair line.CD9A7897 CD9A7899 Baby leg rolls are my favorite.CD9A7903 CD9A7905To finish this is Dixon’s Birth Announcement that I designed. togetherannouncementAnd our 2015 Christmas CardtogetherchristmasChristmas Card designed by: Studio Fourty 60