Dixon’s 3rd Month

Believe it or not we have a 3 month old! N123MonthDixon is officially out of the fourth trimester. He is no longer a newborn, he’s a baby! An adorable, smart, cute, smiley, inquisitive, serious, challenging baby. There has been so many changes that I honestly haven’t been able to keep track. All I have been doing is enjoying our time with him and holding on as tight as I can on this roller coaster ride called DIXON.CD9A9593TODAY is also the day that Dixon is really 1 YEAR OLD. He’s been out into the world for 3 months, but alive for one year. This time last year when Dave and I were in California was the time our little one was conceived. (I am a Pro-Lifer, so I believe Dixon was alive and our baby the moment those two cells joined)CD9A9588Mr Dixon…

*tries really hard to hold his 70th percentile size head up with his 40th percentile body (your Dad has nicknamed you “Dixon Bobber”, “Bob”, “The Bobber” since your head bobs like a cork when you try to hold it up)CD9A9578*still isn’t sure about his furry sister and brotherFullSizeRender*had his 2 month shots and Mommy cried as much as Dixon didIMG_2661*was held for the rest of the dayIMG_2673*dressed up like Donald Trump
IMG_2718*kept Dad’s side of the bed warm while he was at deer campIMG_2734*was really happy when Mom came home from being gone for two nights on her girl’s weekendIMG_2775*weighs around 14 lbs.IMG_2776*went strolling through the neighborhood for the first timeIMG_2788IMG_2790*loves smiling and talking and kickingIMG_2846*Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is here to stayIMG_2847*likes when Bren Bren comes to visit 12651156_10100981806194808_808367326946016590_n*became a beignet babyIMG_2885*went to your first Mardi Gras parade in MadisonvilleIMG_2902*made your Dad look really DadlyIMG_2904*got your first beadIMG_2903IMG_2906IMG_2909IMG_2915CD9A9391CD9A9410IMG_2928*baths are fun until you have to get outIMG_2954IMG_2941*got sick for the first time with congestion and broke my heartIMG_2933*in the mornings you have been waking up around 5am when you and Dad venture into the living room and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for 2-3 hours
IMG_2983IMG_295712744274_10100989529661918_4133488612264648382_n12705232_10100990226655138_1717661946811317077_n12705547_10100988357595748_2856645192962901944_n*Pappaw Rowton and JJ came to spoil and visit with youIMG_2961IMG_2964*celebrated your 1st Valentine’s Day as CupidCupid*Mommy will always be your first valentine12729260_10100989564462178_1200899752779989488_n*tries so hard to hold that head upCD9A9573IMG_2976*you are our bottomless pit and the only thing you will hold onto is your bottle and sometimes Mom’s hairIMG_2997*you’re becoming quite squishy and I LOVE itIMG_2995*still sleeps in your bassinet, fingers crossed for your crib soon
IMG_3008*Aunt and Uncle Piper came to cuddle youIMG_3011*made another road trip to Minden and you are fascinated by all your cousinsIMG_3014*has become quite the Mama’s boy here latelyFullSizeRender*constantly making us laughFullSizeRender-1*smiles and  your ability to vocalize are by far our favorite pastime IMG_3031Now if we could only get you to sleep through the night, but I don’t think you will ever miss a feeding.

We love you more and more each and every day baby boy!