Dixon’s 5th Month

5 months came and went by way to fast! newbornto5month

I don’t know if we are having way to much fun or if the lack of sleep makes it pass by faster. Either way each day gets better and better. His little personality shows up more and more and he just keeps growing so big. He had a couple of first this month and grew a whole 2 inches. Our love for Dixon grows with him.
CD9A7239CD9A7253CD9A7251CD9A7247CD9A7245CD9A7243Our little mini muffin…

*saw his first crawfishFullSizeRender-1IMG_4189*stays attached to mom alwaysIMG_4192FullSizeRender*went to Miss Emma’s 1st birthday with all the ladies IMG_4161*celebrated his first Easter in ManchacIMG_4184IMG_4186FullSizeRender-3*got 4 month shots and no one was crabby
IMG_4215*traveled to Minden so Mom and Dad could watch The Mullis’s tie the knotFullSizeRender-4*watched all the things Hank could doIMG_4250*loved on Pappaw Tuby in matching jammiesIMG_4252*caused Dave to Dad real hard IMG_4268IMG_4274*ROLLED over for the FIRST timeIMG_4296*wound up in a sleep suit
IMG_4303*went shopping in Baton RougeIMG_4329*helped give MiMi a name (which is still up for discussion)IMG_4330IMG_4364*tries to sit up like a big boyIMG_4375*stayed the night with MiMi for the first time without parents and loved itIMG_4384*he missed me as much as I missed himIMG_4419*had a photoshoot just because CD9A3691*was told he was going to see Mickey at Disney on IceCD9A3769CD9A3760CD9A3759CD9A3754CD9A3752CD9A3744CD9A3743CD9A3738CD9A3727CD9A3717CD9A3710CD9A3699CD9A3696*started eating cereal; happy it’s over withIMG_4442IMG_4443*modeled for Mom’s Spring Mini’sCD9A4438CD9A4482CD9A4476CD9A4474CD9A4467CD9A4441*made a chocolate pie with Bren BrenCD9A4835CD9A4831CD9A4827CD9A4826CD9A4825CD9A4822*was absolutely fascinated with Disney on iceIMG_448712963801_10101046136012338_1046918012602419512_nIMG_4489*played who is bigger with cousin EmmieIMG_4529*loved some oatmealIMG_4540*had his very FIRST vegetable, peasIMG_4551IMG_4552*took a ride on the expressIMG_4565*loves bath timeIMG_4569*started getting on a sleep schedule and although it works during the day we still haven’t made it without waking up at least twice at nightIMG_4581IMG_4598*tv doesn’t exist.. Dixon vision IMG_4600*let mommy and daddy go on a dateFullSizeRender-5*finally captured that dimpleCD9A7220*loves mom so much it hurtsCD9A7227CD9A7225*enjoys taking house and yard tours with dadCD9A7224CD9A7222

When I am not with him, I feel like something is missing. He is the brightest light in our lives and I wouldn’t know what to do without him. His smile could make any worry go away. I love every little inch of that baby boy!