Different Types of Mom’s

Tomorrow is my very first official Mother’s Day. They say. I have had so many thoughts about what makes you a Mom. Sure I carried and had my precious baby boy, but Motherhood started before I even met him.View More: http://ltassinphoto.pass.us/nicole-mm-The Conceiving Mom

I believe when a woman makes the decision that she is ready to become a mother that she is a mom. Let me explain. Last year David and I decided we would try to conceive and grow our family. In that moment of conception mommy instincts begin. You are reading and doing just about every possibility there is to get pregnant. Whether you are pregnant or not, you become selfless to make sure your body is doing it’s absolute best to carry your child. There are ups and downs and disappointments and triumphs sometimes. I can’t even imagine what some women have endured and the want and need of having a baby which makes you a great mother in itself. IMG_4886

-The Pregnant Mom

Once you are pregnant, the anxiety is even worse. Every doctor’s appointment you are scared to death that something could possibly be wrong. It could be no heart beat, a birth defect, measuring wrong, you’ve gained too much or too little, gestational diabetes, little fluid, or your body might not do something right. There’s so many things that can go wrong that it’s a miracle to me that so many babies come into this world.

Savannah Kate Photography45– The Mom

She has made it to the finish line by some miracle and is tired and covered in a mystery stain and sticky kisses. To be able to mother a child is the best/worst gift you could ever receive. When leaving the hospital, I was surprised they were sending me into the world with him with no instructions. It really is true though.. You figure it out and it is the sweetest adventure that ever existed. Life had not started for me until Dixon arrived, and it has been a beautiful ride thus far.
View More: http://ltassinphoto.pass.us/nicole-mm-The Step Mom

When a woman can love someone else’s children as if they are her own, that is motherhood. I believe my dad finally got it right with mine. She gained 5 kiddos and became a grandmother JJ way too soon, and she loves each of us dearly. She also makes an exceptional shopping partner and loves her grandbabies. _DSC6902IMG_2961-The Mother-In-Law

I hit the jackpot of all mother-in-laws. I have heard stories of some scary ones, but mine is far from it. She has made me feel like a daughter and loves her grandson beyond words. Especially living away from home, she has gone above and beyond to make sure we are always taken care of. She hurts when we hurt and celebrates in our accomplishments. I will never forget when I was told that I needed to have a c section and she came over to me, fighting back any emotion and grabbed my hand and said, “It’s going to be ok.” She is sometimes strong for me when I am weak. _DSC7952CD9A7670-Your Mom

I never fully understood the sacrifice a mother makes until I became one. I didn’t realize just how much my mom truly loves me until I experienced that love on my own. It’s love at first sight and wanting nothing but the best for your child. It’s doing your absolute best to make sure they are raised right and given all the opportunities they deserve. It’s sleepless nights and worry and guilt. It’s carrying about someone more than you care about yourself. True, unconditional love is what it is and it’s the sweetest gift God ever made. Mom, I cannot ever thank you enough for all the sacrifices you made to help me grow and become the woman I am today. I don’t know what I would do without you on my side. _DSC8173

CD9A7661-The Other Moms (Dad, Grandmother, Aunt, whoever)

Someone out there had a hand in raising you and loving you. They deserve extra love for taking you in because they love you.

To all the Mother’s out there CHEERS to MOTHERHOOD.

Make your day worth it because you deserve it. Celebrate the tiredness, the poopy diapers, and the hours and hours of screams and tantrums, but also the things that make it worth while. There is absolutely nothing better than hearing the first heart beat, seeing those tiny toes, heart-melting snuggles, and being called “Mom”. For being there in every moment, both good and bad. We are worth more than a day. But if we get one day, we should make it worth it. Here’s to the women around the world who put others before themselves and love with their whole hearts. You’re an absolute inspiration.



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