Dixon’s 8th Month

I am trying to understand how in 4 short months we will have a ONE year old. When did this happen? Dixon is getting so big and cuter by the minute. We can never get enough of him.CD9A6885CD9A6890CD9A6892Dixon has been becoming more and more independent this month. He is…CD9A6891-still a bottomless pitIMG_2380 -can sit up on his ownIMG_2391 -naps twice a dayIMG_2394 -went to Minden to celebrate Pappaw Goodwill’s birthdayIMG_2398CD9A5904 IMG_2405 IMG_2407 IMG_2412 -ate ice creamIMG_2426 IMG_2429 IMG_2430 IMG_2434 -looks dang cute in a backwards hatIMG_2448 IMG_2453 IMG_2455 -the cutest lionIMG_2457 -thinks he’s so big riding in a buggyIMG_2470 IMG_2471-became quite patriotic
IMG_2477 CD9A6049CD9A6050CD9A6051CD9A6064CD9A6068CD9A6070CD9A6090CD9A6102CD9A6110CD9A6115CD9A6118-1CD9A6120-1CD9A6121-1CD9A6129-1CD9A6136CD9A6139CD9A6151CD9A6152CD9A6153CD9A6161CD9A6167CD9A6172CD9A6177CD9A6188CD9A6199CD9A6202CD9A6213CD9A6221CD9A6225CD9A6232-celebrated the 4th of July with a donutIMG_2519CD9A6265 -can stand
IMG_2520 -enjoys Trip kissesIMG_2524 -ate chicken for the first time and liked itIMG_2537 -had a patriotic popsicle IMG_2543 -saw fireworks for the first time and was amazedIMG_2565 IMG_2571 IMG_2588 -matched dad againIMG_2589 IMG_2590 IMG_2594 IMG_2621 -splish splash all day longIMG_2622 -went to ManchacIMG_2630 IMG_2689 -outgrew this shirtIMG_2691 -hates LA heatIMG_2693 -can rock a fro IMG_2705 -has a bed time story every night (we try)IMG_2710 -too tired to eat for onceIMG_2711 -bath time got more fun with piratesIMG_2733CD9A6640 -thinks mommy’s ring is fascinatingIMG_2777 -played in his teepee for the first timeIMG_2785 -went to the circus but peed on dad so we leftIMG_2800 -rather play in laundry than fold itIMG_2829 IMG_2834 -celebrated his birthday twin’s, mom’s birthdayIMG_2937 -saw his lady loveIMG_2940 -was proud to show his milk belly offIMG_2951 -got his first kissIMG_2952 -loves a golf cart rideIMG_2979 IMG_2996-dances in the kitchen with mommy on occasion FullSizeRender -likes being nakeyIMG_3006 -sleeps in his crib like a champIMG_3081 -cuddles with mom every now and thenIMG_3111FullSizeRender-1 -loves playing in the mirrorIMG_3135 IMG_3138 -got a gym membership and has lots of friends and water to play withIMG_3162 -everything helps teethingIMG_3163 -still in the bath tubCD9A6743CD9A6771-was a moose on the looseIMG_3167 IMG_3168 IMG_3169 IMG_3170 -will allow mom to love on me every now and then. I’ve become squirmy.IMG_3195 -went to Texas, nailed itIMG_3209 -played with my cousinsIMG_3241-got some JJ loveCD9A6812-got some Uncle B loveCD9A6798-loved Houston with all the Rowton’s
CD9A6801-had fun until a strange man in Kemah tried to hold me but Dad wasn’t going to let that happenCD9A6841-can pull upCD9A6893-can crawlCD9A6974-can sit upCD9A6965CD9A6944CD9A6936CD9A6931CD9A6924CD9A6923CD9A6915CD9A6908CD9A6905CD9A6904CD9A6903CD9A6897CD9A6896CD9A6998A lot of change is happening… I can tell he’s turning into a big chunk of toddler. Changing his diaper or putting clothes on is like fighting a war. Teething has been hard on him. His top two teeth are trying to come through. He eats oatmeal in the morning and a fruit or veggie in the evening. We let him try table foods often such as bananas, avocado, beans, sweet potato, brownie, coke, pickles, chicken, ice cream, donuts, lemons, crackers, popsicle and tomatoes. In one day he crawled, sat up and pulled up. He can only be held if you walk around with him. Unless it’s at night, he turns into quite the cuddle bug. He seems so happy though. His smile shows up all the time. He’s become very vocal and loves hearing himself. He has a few more rolls and thicker hair. He can fall asleep in a car before you get out of the driveway. He’s very observant and always has been. For example, riding in a vehicle, he can see us in the mirror when we turn around. Every time he finds us in the mirror he giggles and smiles as big as he can. I don’t think he can get more precious. I could eat him up daily!