My Tiny Peep’s 1st Easter

Holidays are way more fun with a child, even though mine is still tiny, we managed. Dixon met the Easter Bunny and could have stayed in his arms the rest of the day. BS_20160318_000002 BS_20160318_000001

New Orleans Photographer

We took Spring pictures in seer sucker overalls and our monogramed bow tie with Studio Roe. Every one of those rolls is so edible.

New Orleans Photographer

New Orleans Photographer

New Orleans Photographer

New Orleans Photographer

New Orleans Photographer

New Orleans Photographer

New Orleans Photographer

New Orleans Photographer

New Orleans Photographer

New Orleans Photographer

I even managed to take some pictures myself. CD9A2915 CD9A2910 CD9A2907 CD9A2906 CD9A2904 CD9A2902 CD9A2897 CD9A2893 CD9A2885 Because you only fit in your easter basket once…CD9A2880 CD9A2874 CD9A2873CD9A2872 My last contribution is Dixon’s Easter basket. We are really excited to see Peter Cotton Tail and celebrate ‘Jesus has risen’ this Easter Sunday!CD9A2923CD9A2848 CD9A2852 CD9A2922CD9A2854

Dixon’s 3rd Month

Believe it or not we have a 3 month old! N123MonthDixon is officially out of the fourth trimester. He is no longer a newborn, he’s a baby! An adorable, smart, cute, smiley, inquisitive, serious, challenging baby. There has been so many changes that I honestly haven’t been able to keep track. All I have been doing is enjoying our time with him and holding on as tight as I can on this roller coaster ride called DIXON.CD9A9593TODAY is also the day that Dixon is really 1 YEAR OLD. He’s been out into the world for 3 months, but alive for one year. This time last year when Dave and I were in California was the time our little one was conceived. (I am a Pro-Lifer, so I believe Dixon was alive and our baby the moment those two cells joined)CD9A9588Mr Dixon…

*tries really hard to hold his 70th percentile size head up with his 40th percentile body (your Dad has nicknamed you “Dixon Bobber”, “Bob”, “The Bobber” since your head bobs like a cork when you try to hold it up)CD9A9578*still isn’t sure about his furry sister and brotherFullSizeRender*had his 2 month shots and Mommy cried as much as Dixon didIMG_2661*was held for the rest of the dayIMG_2673*dressed up like Donald Trump
IMG_2718*kept Dad’s side of the bed warm while he was at deer campIMG_2734*was really happy when Mom came home from being gone for two nights on her girl’s weekendIMG_2775*weighs around 14 lbs.IMG_2776*went strolling through the neighborhood for the first timeIMG_2788IMG_2790*loves smiling and talking and kickingIMG_2846*Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is here to stayIMG_2847*likes when Bren Bren comes to visit 12651156_10100981806194808_808367326946016590_n*became a beignet babyIMG_2885*went to your first Mardi Gras parade in MadisonvilleIMG_2902*made your Dad look really DadlyIMG_2904*got your first beadIMG_2903IMG_2906IMG_2909IMG_2915CD9A9391CD9A9410IMG_2928*baths are fun until you have to get outIMG_2954IMG_2941*got sick for the first time with congestion and broke my heartIMG_2933*in the mornings you have been waking up around 5am when you and Dad venture into the living room and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for 2-3 hours
IMG_2983IMG_295712744274_10100989529661918_4133488612264648382_n12705232_10100990226655138_1717661946811317077_n12705547_10100988357595748_2856645192962901944_n*Pappaw Rowton and JJ came to spoil and visit with youIMG_2961IMG_2964*celebrated your 1st Valentine’s Day as CupidCupid*Mommy will always be your first valentine12729260_10100989564462178_1200899752779989488_n*tries so hard to hold that head upCD9A9573IMG_2976*you are our bottomless pit and the only thing you will hold onto is your bottle and sometimes Mom’s hairIMG_2997*you’re becoming quite squishy and I LOVE itIMG_2995*still sleeps in your bassinet, fingers crossed for your crib soon
IMG_3008*Aunt and Uncle Piper came to cuddle youIMG_3011*made another road trip to Minden and you are fascinated by all your cousinsIMG_3014*has become quite the Mama’s boy here latelyFullSizeRender*constantly making us laughFullSizeRender-1*smiles and  your ability to vocalize are by far our favorite pastime IMG_3031Now if we could only get you to sleep through the night, but I don’t think you will ever miss a feeding.

We love you more and more each and every day baby boy!

Dixon’s Birthday |11.26.2015|

The Happiest Birthday for David Dixon Davidge IV!

David and I were headed to my 40 week appointment. _DSC6824Our hospital bags had been stowed away in the trunk for more than 5 weeks. We were always prepared in case Dixon decided to make his grand arrival at any time. I had come to terms that my full term baby was going to be induced on November 30th. He was cozy and not wanting to meet the world just yet._DSC7093 _DSC7101

It was the day before Thanksgiving as we waited for my name to be called back to the sonogram room. As I laid on the table for over an hour attempting to get all the measurements, my little one who apparently was sleeping in a ball helped us none. The ultrasound tech told us our 40 week baby was measuring at 36 weeks and she couldn’t determine if he was practicing his breathing. This being my first child, I was unaware that these things are very important this late in the game. We then left to meet with our doctor.

Every appointment up until this point had been the same. “Everything looks great.. He will come when he is ready.. See you at the next appointment” but not this time. Dr. Schwartzenburg walked in and immediately said it’s time to have a baby! David looked at her and said, “Right now?” Apparently the measurement and breathing thing were enough to get him out of me as soon as possible. It wasn’t an emergency situation, but my uterus wasn’t progressing Dixon. So as my doctor put it, he was ready to have a birthday. Dr. Schwartzenburg was very nervous starting the delivery process from nothing. I was barely at 1 cm and he hadn’t effaced at all. She didn’t want to jinx it by saying I needed a c section, but she did let me know we would do everything possible to have a natural birth. David and I left her office in shock.

We were having a baby!

_DSC6830 David couldn’t believe that we were headed straight to labor and delivery. We weren’t even able to run home. Before checking in we made phone calls to everyone. My family was hours away and had the longest travel time to get to us. I don’t think one person believed us the first time we said, “We are having the baby today!” There was more excitement in one hour than we could have ever imagined. After checking in, they started my pitocin drip at 4 PM on November 25th.  _DSC6837 _DSC6838 _DSC6845 _DSC6851 I had two of the greatest nurses Kristin and Brittain. I was in labor for so long both of them rotated twice, and they knew how important it was to me to have Dixon naturally. They both went above and beyond to attempt to get me to 10 cm. I don’t think this experience could have been any better than with these two ladies. _DSC6858 My family started rolling in throughout the night. This one left her 6 month old and drove all the way from Little Rock, Arkansas, through the night. We were feeling all the love from our family._DSC6861 _DSC6868 _DSC6870 _DSC6873 _DSC6879 I don’t think my Mom has ever been this anxious and excited in all her life. From being on edge waiting for Dixon’s arrival to seeing her baby girl deliver a baby. She didn’t have the best experience delivering my brother and I. She coded blue with my brother and was unable to have any drugs with me. She hoped my experience would be nothing like hers. It was an extremely emotional two days for everyone. _DSC6883 _DSC6884 _DSC6893 My Dad, Step Mom, half brother, and half sister joined the party. They had actually planned to come in for Thanksgiving in hopes Dixon would make his arrival. They were right!_DSC6902 _DSC6905 _DSC6943_DSC6944_DSC6913_DSC6918 There were guesses made on Dixon’s arrival time which wasn’t even close to when he actually came. Dixon stayed in me as long as he could. Stubborn little guy..

The waiting game began…
_DSC6940 _DSC6953 _DSC6957 _DSC6976 _DSC6986 _DSC6990 _DSC6991 _DSC7000 There was an exercise ball that did wonders on me. I went from a 3 to a 5 to a 7 within hours. I was progressing a centimeter a hour. We were getting hopeful._DSC7011 _DSC7038 _DSC7049 _DSC7071 _DSC7083 I had the jitters worse than anything. David always thought that I was freezing, but my nerves were at an all time high._DSC7085 My on call doctor told me no matter what we would have a baby on Thanksgiving Day. She wouldn’t let me go any longer._DSC7122 _DSC7156 _DSC7163 _DSC7172 _DSC7213 Daves Mom was such a strong person for me during this process. She always let me know that everything was going to be ok and would make sure David and I were as comfortable as possible. _DSC7246 David and Kelly passed the time looking at black Friday deals._DSC7255 David even joked he had time to hit up Lowe’s Black Friday deals._DSC7262 _DSC7265_DSC7286David was in the waiting room at this point so his mom, brother, and his wife could visit with me. I will never forget the nurse coming in and blind siding me. It was around 5 PM,  and I had not dilated any more than a 7 for a while. I had been in active labor for 25 hours. To make it worse Dixon’s heart rate was dropping with each contraction. She wanted to warn and prepare me that we would more than likely be having a c section very soon but it was ultimately my doctor would make it official. I had it in my mind that a c section wasn’t going to happen. I never thought about having surgery during this process. My whole pregenancy had gone so smoothly. How could this not?

David’s family got up to leave and David’s sweet mom was the last to walk out. She could see the fear in my eyes. She herself had a c section with David and I am pretty sure knows all the feelings that I was having. I will never forget her walking up to me and putting her hand on mine and she said, “It’ll be ok.” As she went to get David, I couldn’t stop analyzing the situation, and then he walked in. I lost it. With tears in my eyes, I told him I was going to have a c section and that Dixon was giving up. Not the greatest choices of words. I know. I had worked so hard to get as far as I had gotten. David finally calmed me down and said we need to do what is best for you and Dixon and that’s having a c section. David was the wind in sails. I would have done whatever it took, no questions asked, to make sure Dixon got here the safest way.

Dr. Guidry arrived and she gave me a run down of the situation at hand. From the beginning she mentioned I would be having a c section. Once we started using the exercise ball she seemed hopeful that I could get to a 10. However Dixon started to give up on delivery. Since I had been in labor for so long his heart rate started to drop with each contraction I was having. It wasn’t dropping enough to be an emergency situation yet. My doctor took me off the pitocin drip and his heart rate went back to normal and I went to a “stretchy” 7. She then decided to start my drip again and nothing changed. My doctor had promised we would have a baby by the end of Thanksgiving Day. After many tears and pure exhaustion, we then decided to have a c section. _DSC7269 _DSC7316 _DSC7318 _DSC7319 _DSC7320 _DSC7322 _DSC7332 _DSC7336 _DSC7338 _DSC7350 _DSC7356 _DSC7357 _DSC7362 _DSC7369 Before David walked in my doctor checked me one last time before she made the first cut. I would have been traumatized if she said “Oh you’re at a 10! Lets go back and push!” The exhaustion I had at this point wanted Dixon out, and I was on the table ready physically and emotionally. I just wanted my baby!_DSC7371 I was shaking so bad on the table, but I was worried about David who doesn’t do good with blood much less surgery, but he did great. He kept me calm and was strong yet sensitive. I kept my eyes on him the entire time. _DSC7386 _DSC7392 _DSC7421At 8:27 PM I remember hearing the most beautiful cry as tears ran down my face. I was so happy he was here and ok. Waiting to see him seemed like forever, but his cry was plenty for me._DSC7425 _DSC7433 _DSC7435 _DSC7436 _DSC7445 _DSC7448 _DSC7456 _DSC7457 He was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. All ten toes and fingers and tiny nose and lips and ears and a head full of dark hair and even dark toned skin. He was alert as ever._DSC7458 I have never seen Dave more proud._DSC7466 _DSC7473 _DSC7488 _DSC7504 _DSC7514 _DSC7524 _DSC7531 _DSC7545 _DSC7557 _DSC7564 _DSC7565 _DSC7589 _DSC7599 _DSC7600 _DSC7617He weighed 7.5 pounds and measured 20.5 inches and healthy as ever.
_DSC7638 _DSC7673 _DSC7708 He was crying so loud when they brought him to me, but as soon as they put his cheek on my cheek he was calm. It is amazing how well babies know their mother’s from the first second of life._DSC7720 _DSC7723 _DSC7733 _DSC7740 _DSC7750 I still can’t believe this perfect being was created inside of me._DSC7757 _DSC7765 _DSC7773 _DSC7777 _DSC7790 _DSC7794 _DSC7801 _DSC7806 _DSC7821 My first time to hold him. I had dreamed about what he would look like and how this moment would feel. I took all of him in and still do to this day. I can’t begin to describe the first time you hold, feel, smell and look at your baby._DSC7842 _DSC7843 _DSC7854 He was worth the wait._DSC7861 The best crew I could have asked for._DSC7865 _DSC7869 _DSC7870 Dave and I were very impressed with our on call doctor. She always shot us straight even when we didn’t want to hear it. When it came down to having surgery, she made us feel very confident in every decision that she made._DSC7871 _DSC7874 We were in love from the start._DSC7883 _DSC7888 _DSC7895 _DSC7898 _DSC7911 _DSC7913 _DSC7915 _DSC7916 _DSC7918 _DSC7926 _DSC7929 _DSC7932 _DSC7934 David was off to tell our family that everything went perfectly and show off his brand spankin’ new son!_DSC7937 _DSC7949The Davidges were super excited!
_DSC7952 _DSC7953 _DSC7955 _DSC7957 _DSC7962 Everyone couldn’t wait to see that baby boy!_DSC7973 _DSC7977 Kelly was our first visitor._DSC7993 _DSC8037 _DSC8062 _DSC8077 _DSC8100 _DSC8103 _DSC8117 _DSC8122 _DSC8126 _DSC8129 _DSC8132 _DSC8139 _DSC8145 _DSC8146 The rest of our precious family poured in. Since I was in labor so long, everyone was able to make it. It seemed as if Dixon waited for all of them to arrive before he did._DSC8149 _DSC8151 I love that Hank managed to lose his pants from all the waiting._DSC8152 _DSC8154 One proud Pappaw Rowton._DSC8157 _DSC8161 _DSC8162 _DSC8164 My sweet Pappaw never has words only a pat of the hand and a grin which speaks volumes to me._DSC8168 _DSC8172 My dear mom didn’t get to see me before I was sent off to surgery since it happened so fast. Once we saw each other for the first time and everything had gone smoothly, we both were teary eyed and relieved and overjoyed._DSC8173 My baby boy is so loved._DSC8178 _DSC8179 _DSC8183

What a beautiful day! This was the most bittersweet moment of my life. Motherhood is hard but the most rewarding feeling. It amazes me how much I can love this tiny soul. He is worth more than I could ever give him. I would go through this over and over again to have him in my life. He has changed me and shows me new and interesting things each and every day. I have never experienced a love like his.

We cannot thank our birth story photographer, Christie Froom, enough! She not only hung in there for 12 hours but missed Thanksgiving Day with her family to be by our sides. I cannot begin to explain the amount of love and joy she brought David and I and my family on that day. She is one phenomenal photographer straight across the board and now we feel like she is a part of our family. So thank you, thank you, thank you for our precious memories!

Dixon’s 2nd Month

Well what do you know? We have a 2 month old on our hands! My love for this little soul is immeasurable.. It literally continues to grow every day. I get so lost in love with him … these are memories I never want to forget.

CD9A9314Mr. Dixon…

*is extremely smiley in the mornings (mostly for dad)

*has a bedtime routine of bath time, bottle, bed (the three b’s)

*has started sleeping 3 hour stretches only at nighttime

*only takes naps during the day if he is held

*has zombies for parents

*celebrated his first New Year

*has lots to say

*his hair hasn’t fallen out (crossing my fingers it’s here to stay)

*is still working on tummy time

*enjoys dressing like an animalIMG_2224 IMG_2247 *went to deer camp twice this monthIMG_2615-1IMG_2244*takes selfies with dadIMG_2258 *stopped sleeping with Mom and DadIMG_2616-1*sleeps in his bassinet IMG_2261*brought 2016 in with styleCD9A8786 CD9A8792 CD9A8803 CD9A8808 CD9A8814 CD9A8826 CD9A8832*was introduced to Pirates of the Caribbean and paid very close attention
IMG_2290*looks adorable in plaidIMG_2309*loves talks with Dad

IMG_2398 *would cuddle with Mom 24/7FullSizeRender-1IMG_2393 *went on his first outing just the two of us to hobby lobby, the bank, Aunt Sarah’s to get a king cake and the grocery storeIMG_2374*the only way he will let Mom do something hands freeFullSizeRender

  • *he does have his moments

*loves to look at whoever is feeding him (my perfect view)IMG_2357 IMG_2353

*gives himself milk goateesIMG_2352 IMG_2336*snores occasionally like dad

*was found in a king cakeCD9A8842 *went shopping with Mom and Sandra DIMG_2429 IMG_2447 IMG_2433

*dressed like a fox





*dressed like a dogIMG_2475IMG_2466*made his second road trip to Minden with Mom only
IMG_2498*likes to sit up with a little couch helpIMG_2499 *really enjoyed cousin time with HankIMG_2511IMG_2517 IMG_2516IMG_2549*wore Bren Bren slap outIMG_2526*Bren Bren wore him slap outIMG_2556 *smiled for the first time for the camera CD9A9146 CD9A9148 CD9A9159IMG_2570*loved his time with cousin EmmieIMG_2566FullSizeRender-2IMG_2578FullSizeRender-3*really liked when Pappaw Tolar talked Minion to himIMG_2579*even received his first duck callCD9A9306 *Dad makes him smile the most even if it is about dinosaur poop

*enjoyed toys from cousin EmmieIMG_2599 *dressed like a bearIMG_2603*didn’t get sick when Mom wasIMG_2607*met and was serenaded by Mr. DFullSizeRender*was made into a lionIMG_2634-1*had a big 2 month birthday sessionCD9A9321*they call me Dixon Crockett (thanks for the hat Aunt Savanna)CD9A9322CD9A9324CD9A9326CD9A9332CD9A9334CD9A9341CD9A9349CD9A9355*laughed at Mom for crawling on top of my cribCD9A9366CD9A9368CD9A9369CD9A9374CD9A9375*got sleepy eyes from all the picture takingCD9A9376CD9A9377*realized being 2 months old is hardCD9A9379CD9A9382CD9A9385

We love this little boy more than all the things in the world. We couldn’t be more blessed to call him ours. He can eat like a cow, scream as loud as hyena, and wiggles as much as a lizard. I could get lost in his big eyes every second and is the most handsome little boy I have ever seen. I could literally watch him sleep and hold him for the rest of my life. I absolutely love being his Mom.  Two months with you is the best thing that has ever happened to us tiny one! You have stolen our hearts and we couldnt be more blessed by you, we love you little man.

Our First Christmas

Our first Christmas as a party of 3 in our new home!

We decked the halls and our stockings were hung by the chimney with care.
CD9A8085 CD9A8106 CD9A8109 CD9A8121 CD9A8124 CD9A8126 CD9A8128 CD9A7934 CD9A7937 CD9A7939 CD9A7943CD9A8129CD9A8133CD9A8145CD9A8134CD9A8130On Christmas Eve we listened to Christmas music, read Christmas books, and stayed in our festive clothes all day long until it was time to go to David’s Aunt and Uncle’s house. Dave got in extra Christmas spirit when Cousin Eddie made an appearance. IMG_2180 We always feast over there with the best food such as pheasant, ham, salmon, cocktails and this… Homemade Crawfish Bisque. The crawfish shells are stuffed with dressing and it took Aunt Sherry 6 hours to make the shells.

It was AHH-MAAAZING!!!IMG_2181 Once we arrived home, these two enjoyed a silent night. I read A Night Before Christmas and The Grinch and apparently put them straight to sleep. It was definitely a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night around here.IMG_2187The next morning was that much more fun as we had big family time. We played music, made breakfast and opened gifts. Dixon enjoyed watching everything go on in his cute first Christmas jammies.
CD9A8164CD9A8166CD9A8178I love a good open mouth baby kiss.CD9A8184CD9A8189CD9A8198CD9A8200CD9A8204These two melt me every. single. time.CD9A8206CD9A8212CD9A8214CD9A8216CD9A8218CD9A8221CD9A8223CD9A8226After we enjoyed our Christmas morning, we had the Davidge Family over for lunch. Our very first dinner officially at our house. It went great and the company was even better. We made a duck and ate at our festive table! I officially feel like an adult, I think.CD9A8096CD9A8093CD9A8088Then we headed to Minden to see my family where we had the 2nd Annual Tolar Turkey Bowl.CD9A8376I finally got my grandfather to hold his great grandson who he claims is way too small to be held, but he managed perfectly. CD9A8309CD9A8313The game was a little more intense this year. Everyone seemed to have their game face on unlike last year when it seemed to be a big joke. Muscles were sore.CD9A8344CD9A8302CD9A8289CD9A8248CD9A8365I am coming with vengeance next year after this c section heals.

We ended the game with some sweaty family pictures.CD9A8420CD9A8443CD9A8451CD9A8451aIt was a special Christmas with everyone. A lot of first happened for us, and I know the holidays will get sweeter and sweeter as Dixon gets bigger. I however love it just the way it is.

Dixon’s 1st Month

At 8:17 PM one month ago, I gave birth to the best gift God could give us. How has a month gone by with our precious baby boy? It has been a roller coaster of emotions, but the best month of our lives. We have laughed, cried, lost sleep, been peed, pooped on, spit up on, stared, kissed, rocked, snuggled and loved all over Dixon. I don’t even feel that life truly existed until we became parents. It is surreal. We couldn’t be more lucky to be Dixon’s Mom and Dad and watch our baby grow through all of his little stages of life. 1month
You love looking at lights, beard kisses on your neck from dad, being held, bath time, snuggling with mommy, being swaddled, and eating. You are not a fan of being hungry for a split second, clothes going over your head, riding in a carseat, and being put down.

Dad introduced me to you on Thanksgiving Day (11.26.2015). I cried from the moment I heard your adorable cry and couldn’t stop. You are the most perfect baby we have ever laid eyes on.

11988512_548469868639309_4673729506916611408_nYour Dad couldn’t stop smiling when you entered the world. I think he came to the realization that he’s a dad when you came out, and I personally love he became a softy because of you.IMG_1819We waited for your arrival for 40 weeks and 1 day. When it came down to it, I was in labor for 28 hours until the doctor decided a c section would be the best idea to bring you here. This picture will always remind me of pure happiness as I held you for the very first time and realizing that we did it. It was a huge relief and the grandest birthday for you.
IMG_1823In recovery, I was able to finally love on you. I was numb from the chest down and had the jitters terribly bad. I held on to you tight taking you all in.
IMG_1833I couldn’t kiss your delicious face enough.IMG_1834Day 2 and I am still getting all of my kisses in. It will be this way for a while.CD9A7286I do believe you knew your Dad from the very start. Watching y’all take each other in is something I could watch over and over again. (Side note: He gave you your first bottle. We are still working on those diaper changes.)CD9A7291CD9A7292Family and friends poured in to see your precious face.IMG_2098IMG_1831

Your Aunt Emily and Aunt Elizabeth stayed for half a day, and we all had a good cry. (Aunt Mary and Aunt Savanna were here as well) Everyone brought your mom a bottle of wine for some reason. 12316348_10105186907088645_7279340814384056772_nYou really enjoy your naps. Sleeping like a baby is real.IMG_1821LSU played Texas A&M. We had you game ready to match your Dad. They won!
IMG_1830After 4 days in the hospital, it was time to take you home.CD9A7319 CD9A7324CD9A7338 CD9A7339 Your Aunt Sarah and Uncle Trevor came to visit you.CD9A7343 We celebrated Thanksgiving.IMG_1839I gave you your first sponge bath.
CD9A7350Cutest bear I have ever seen.CD9A7359You weren’t a big fan.FullSizeRender-1-2 We went to your first doctor’s appointment. You had gained 2 ounces.CD9A7361Dad is so proud.IMG_1881I could watch you sleep forever.CD9A7363 Meeting Sashay went well. She gave you a big sniff down.IMG_1852You petted her nose.FullSizeRenderThe first two weeks were a little less of a struggle with the diapers from my baby shower always keeping me entertained. They really helped out with those 2 AM changes. CD9A7605 Yawwwn. Your yawns are by far adorable.IMG_1845I had such a cute outfit on you in the hospital to celebrate Thanksgiving, but as soon as you had it on the nurse had to take you. So, we played dress up at home.
CD9A7631 IMG_1886IMG_1934Breakfast and baby in bed.IMG_1921Taking your newborns was a little bit of a challenge, but we managed.IMG_1898CD9A7385CD9A7493More yawns.. I can’t get enough of you.IMG_1892IMG_1947Your Grandmother’s adore you.CD9A7651 CD9A7653 Your Bren Bren stayed with us for 2 weeks. She was a huge help, and I don’t know how we would have made it without her here.CD9A7656 Your first outing was to visit Santa.CD9A7690You decided to take a little nap with him.SS_20151206_000005SS_20151206_000004Your Dad kept you for the first time alone for two hours, and this is the text I received from him. Thank goodness for that paper towel.IMG_1978IMG_1940Furry snuggles.IMG_2028I believe you should wear this until you’re potty trained.IMG_2014You can be so serious.IMG_1995You love quality time with Dad.IMG_1971You nailed the blue steel model pose.IMG_1969You like to smile right before you fall asleep. I feel the exact same way.IMG_1968 I am still kissing you.CD9A7827 But you make the cutest deer in all the fields, and this isn’t the last of the animal outfits.CD9A7830 CD9A7831We went to your two week appointment. You gained 1.3 pounds and grew 1.5 inches.
CD9A7840You made my birthday the most special this year since you are the best gift I could ever receive. Your card was my favorite.CD9A7865I stole all the kisses from my little monster.IMG_2058Then we made a Davidge sandwich.IMG_2050With Christmas around the corner, we hung your very first stocking for Santa.CD9A7937You might have been a bit lazy during your first tummy time. We will get there.CD9A7924You weren’t too sure what to do, but goodness aren’t you cute.

When you act the exact same as you did in ALL your ultrasound pictures…IMG_208412191913_10100921962721608_3080194721949140604_nThen there are moments like these when Dad is simply telling you about the bats he saw at deer camp in his deer stand and the sweetest little moment happens…

Or your Dad gets up, grabs you and starts dancing on the coffee table. (Side note: The first night I met your dad he swept me off my feet as well by dancing on a coffee table. Full circle.)

With all the boy time and deer camp talk, we packed you up and took you to the deer camp for the very first time.IMG_2110We hung out in our room majority of the time. Your Dad killed a doe and Uncle Skipper said you were the best baby and could come back any time. Your Aunt Sherry said our new motto is “Have baby. Will Travel.”IMG_2112Apparently deer camp was a lot of excitement for you. You lost your umbilical cord, so I gave you your very first bath. You watched the water faucet the entire time.IMG_2128You were the cutest thing to happen during the Saints season.CD9A7985You were also Santa’s Little Helper. CD9A8003You had your first Christmas Eve. We watched Christmas movies, read The Night before Christmas and The Grinch, and blasted Christmas tunes.CD9A8133You also had your very first Christmas. We helped with your presents and put wrapping paper on you. You kept looking around and were a happy little boy. Mom and Dad loved all over you!CD9A8174Open mouth baby kisses are the best.CD9A8184Beard kisses are your favorite.CD9A8206Happy 1st Month Dixon!

We have truly enjoyed every stinking minute with you in your first month. You came at such a busy time that many first happened fast. We are trying to take it all in. You are the most wonderful thing to happen to us. We love you and are looking forward to every day with you little bear. Every day is the best day ever with you!

Awaiting Baby Dixon

My maternity pictures are here!! The talented Savannah Kate Photography captured them. They are even more perfect than I had pictured in my mind. You can never go wrong with cypress trees and cotton fields. I was 30 weeks along and could not wait to hold and see my baby. All I could do is cradle my belly.
Savannah Kate Photography01 Savannah Kate Photography02 Savannah Kate Photography03 Savannah Kate Photography04 Savannah Kate Photography05 Savannah Kate Photography06 Savannah Kate Photography07 Savannah Kate Photography08 Savannah Kate Photography09 Savannah Kate Photography10 Savannah Kate Photography11 Savannah Kate Photography12 Savannah Kate Photography13 Savannah Kate Photography15 Savannah Kate Photography16 Savannah Kate Photography17 Savannah Kate Photography18 Savannah Kate Photography19 Savannah Kate Photography20 Savannah Kate Photography14Savannah Kate Photography26 Savannah Kate Photography27 Savannah Kate Photography28 Savannah Kate Photography30 Savannah Kate Photography31 Savannah Kate Photography32 Savannah Kate Photography33 Savannah Kate Photography34 Savannah Kate Photography35 Savannah Kate Photography36 Savannah Kate Photography37 Savannah Kate Photography38 Savannah Kate Photography39 Savannah Kate Photography40 Savannah Kate Photography41 Savannah Kate Photography43 Savannah Kate Photography44 Savannah Kate Photography45 Savannah Kate Photography46 Savannah Kate Photography47 Savannah Kate Photography48 Savannah Kate Photography50 Savannah Kate Photography51 Savannah Kate Photography52 Savannah Kate Photography53 Savannah Kate Photography54 Savannah Kate Photography55

Photography: Savannah Kate Photography

Dresses: Sew Trendy Accessories

Floral Crown: Love Sparkle Pretty

Hair: Cheveux by Robbie Meshell

Makeup: Bel Viso Makeup Artistry 

Dixon’s Newborns

And then my soul saw you and it kind of went “Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

Dixon was 7 days new when I was privileged enough to take my little boy’s newborn pictures. He is so tiny, and I am somewhat obsessed with him and his little features. I’m not going to lie these took me a whole day to shoot since I ended up having a c section. Getting up and down was tough. Luckily my mom was here to help with the setup and made it a lot less stressful. Dixon on the other hand might have pooped on me twice and peed on me three times, but these sweet pictures will be a memory that we will treasure forever.  


Our little pirate came ashore on Thanksgiving Day (November 26, 2015) at 8:17 PM. He weighed 7.5 pounds and measured 20.5 inches.CD9A7387 CD9A7392 CD9A7395 CD9A7396 CD9A7399 CD9A7402 CD9A7405 CD9A7406 CD9A7417 CD9A7419This was the first time Dixon saw his nursery, and I did a lifestyle session of him throughout the room.
CD9A7443 CD9A7444 CD9A7446 CD9A7448 CD9A7451 CD9A7453 CD9A7456-2 CD9A7462 CD9A7464 CD9A7466 CD9A7467 CD9A7471 CD9A7473 CD9A7478 CD9A7482 CD9A7485 CD9A7486 CD9A7493 CD9A7494 CD9A7497 CD9A7503 CD9A7504 CD9A7515 CD9A7516 CD9A7518 CD9A7520 CD9A7523 CD9A7524 CD9A7525 CD9A7701 The love I have for him is unexplainable.CD9A7712 CD9A7713 CD9A7717 CD9A7731 CD9A7736 CD9A7737 CD9A7738 CD9A7740 CD9A7742 CD9A7744 CD9A7747 CD9A7750 CD9A7758If I know what love is, it is because of the two of you.
CD9A7762-2 I have completely fallen in love with David even more seeing him as a dad. It is one of the sweetest experiences, and each day my heart becomes more and more full. The way he looks at him, holds him, loves him.CD9A7764-2 CD9A7767-2 CD9A7772 CD9A7779 CD9A7787 CD9A7790 CD9A7808 CD9A7811 I couldn’t end without getting those adorable tiny features like our feet.CD9A7868 I could look at his toes all day long.CD9A7869His tummy.CD9A7871The button nose and chin roll.
CD9A7872His beautiful hair.
CD9A7873 His ear and how his hair wisp over the tip top.CD9A7874 CD9A7878 CD9A7882 Baby hands.CD9A7886 CD9A7889 CD9A7892 Those perfect pouty lips.CD9A7893 His hair line.CD9A7897 CD9A7899 Baby leg rolls are my favorite.CD9A7903 CD9A7905To finish this is Dixon’s Birth Announcement that I designed. togetherannouncementAnd our 2015 Christmas CardtogetherchristmasChristmas Card designed by: Studio Fourty 60


Can Dixon get here already?? I am officially over the nesting period and I have every right to be since we moved into our house! Oh Yea!! (in my Trump voice) HUUUUUUUGGGGEEE News.. David and I became homeowners in October!! We are overly excited to finally have a place to call home. CD9A5323With a baby due in November, I had certain goals set that I wanted accomplished in our new home, and we have completed them all thankfully. So here is a tiny look into our very first home!
bandwhite39weeks My first priority was the baby nursery. I knew if for any reason Dixon came early that we would have to have his room ready. CD9A7064CD9A6766CD9A7020 Next on my list was our bedroom. I haven’t started to truly decorate but I knew how I wanted our bed. Luckily my husband has become quite the carpenter and built our bed, the guest bed, and our dining table. We were able to save so much money with his mad skills, and he will be adding pieces later. The most important ones came first like my dream bed…CD9A6821 CD9A6819 CD9A6817 CD9A6661 CD9A6658 CD9A6657My Mom will be staying with us once our baby boy arrives so having a bed for her was a necessity. It is always best to make sure your visitors or help for that matter are comfy!
CD9A7252 CD9A7254 CD9A7255 CD9A7258 And last but definitely not least is our dining table. I have dreamed of a 8 top wooden table filled with china and guest since I picked out my wedding registry. These tables can get very pricey. My husband came to the rescue and built it for me which makes it that much more special. We have two gray upholstered, high back chairs at the ends and two wooden benches on each side. All that is missing are guests, but they will arrive very soon.  CD9A7248CD9A7263CD9A7244Week-41 Week-42 Week-44 Week-45 I added a little fall decor to our mantle, and I think we are set until I find other pieces.CD9A7081 The crystal candelabrum’s have been passed down for generations in my family. I adore heirlooms, and I have a constant thought of my grandmother in our home. CD9A7082 CD9A7084 CD9A7095 CD9A7096 CD9A7100One other thing is our beautiful, all white kitchen. What made me most excited was being able to use our wedding gifts for the first time. We have had them boxed away for a year and a half. It was like Christmas morning with each and every box. Also, don’t mind the waterfowl flying around. Marriage is all about compromise, right?!CD9A7275With the baby room completed, a place for me and David and my Mom to sleep, and a place to eat, all that’s left to do is put up some Chirstmas decor in December. Hopefully, the next thing to happen will be Baby Dixon arriving! I will be 40 Weeks pregnant in TWO DAYS! My anxiety level is at an all time high!Week-39

All Bedding: Pottery Barn

Polka Dot China: Kate Spade

Deer Pillows: Vixen Goods

Fall Decor: Hobby Lobby

Silverware: Pottery Barn

To Live Will be an Awfully Big Adventure -Peter Pan

On June 27th David and I learned there was a sweet, little boy growing inside of me. Ever since June 28th, I have been working extremely hard to create the perfect nest for him. Picking out a theme was the hardest. You don’t know what his personality is going to be like. What we did know is what we want for our little boy and that is an adventure in all things. We (mostly David) are clearly about pirate adventures if you haven’t noticed, but I wanted something a little more mature for a nursery. So I thought how can I relate a pirate theme, but truly use what it’s all about: Adventure, Exploring, and Seeing what the world has to offer. So I designed an Adventure Themed Nursery with help from my dear husband and sweet family. I went a little farther and made it more than adventures on the high seas, but adventures in the mountains or near the water. We have big dreams for our little one and hopefully through this room he will be inspired and know he is loved, supported and to live will be an awfully big adventure.
CD9A7054 CD9A7028 CD9A7027 CD9A7024 CD9A7019 CD9A7018 CD9A6993 CD9A6936CD9A6731CD9A6853CD9A6989CD9A7031CD9A7033CD9A7043CD9A6726CD9A6766CD9A6772CD9A6951CD9A6771CD9A6950CD9A6776CD9A6850CD9A6983CD9A6959CD9A6985CD9A7053CD9A7064CD9A6683CD9A6690CD9A6806CD9A6970CD9A6807CD9A6971CD9A7076CD9A7044