Welcome to the World Shower

IMG_1135We couldn’t welcome Dixon to the world without a shower in South Louisiana, and my new Davidge Family really went above and beyond to make it extra special! My brother-in-law made the invitations, my mother-in-law and Aunt Sherry helped add their special touches, and my sister-in-law and mom-in-law-in-law decorated the shower to a tee and had shower food that I will keep craving.
CD9A0823My sweet sister-in-law, Sarah, who can cook and bake like no other, put on a shower fit for an adventurer. I am in love with all of it! CD9A0716CD9A0717CD9A0713CD9A0711CD9A0710CD9A0708CD9A0706CD9A0705CD9A0698CD9A0696CD9A0694CD9A0693CD9A0692CD9A0691Then there was this. CD9A0690Sarah outdid herself once again with a naked, adventure cake!CD9A0686Cake by: Sarah Davidge
CD9A0745When in South Louisiana…CD9A0738CD9A0737A mimosa bar.CD9A0736And a bloody mary bar.CD9A0735CD9A0734CD9A0733CD9A0732CD9A0731CD9A0729She even thought about alcohol free me with this Rose!CD9A0817CD9A0726CD9A0725CD9A0724CD9A0723And what’s a shower without adventure cookies?CD9A0818Cookies by: Michelle’s Custom Cookies
CD9A0750CD9A0771CD9A0762CD9A0761CD9A0759CD9A0757CD9A0756CD9A0755CD9A0753CD9A0751Dixon got spoiled once again!
CD9A0808It is still crazy to me that there will be a baby here before Christmas! One of my favorite gifts was Dixon’s first Christmas tree filled with ornaments all pertaining to him and his uncle and dad. Such a thoughtful gift from Aunt Sarah!CD9A0815CD9A0812So much family was able to make it. My gorgeous sister came all the way from San Antonio.
IMG_1147These two (my stepmom and dad) came from Houston and have been spoiling Dixon since day one.IMG_1148My Dad and I had a comparison of bumps. IMG_1149We weren’t quite sure who won..IMG_1150But I think I’ve got him beat!IMG_1151My precious Mother-in-law.CD9A0800My lovely Mom.CD9A0796My sweet Moms.CD9A0793My Best Friend, Elizabeth, and her precious Mom who has put up with me for way too long. CD9A0788This one though is my favorite!CD9A0785CD9A0782And the best host, Sarah, my sis-in-law.

Dixon is soooo lucky to have you as his Aunt, and I will tell him everyday!CD9A0780CD9A0778But lastly we had a party crasher, the man, the myth, the legend behind the bump…CD9A0804My husband.CD9A0806CD9A0805I can’t believe my showers are over. I have been looking forward to them for what feels like a year. They came so fast and both my families and friends have really done more than we could ever wanted to prepare us for baby. We cannot thank y’all enough for all the love that’s been shown for our boy. Next up on the list is moving into our house and getting the nest ready. I cannot wait to put his nursery together. I have been planning this room since Trip walked the plank, and we knew it was a boy. There are so many first happening this year (the move, house, baby), and I am doing my best to enjoy each of them. All of it wouldn’t be possible without the unconditional love shown from so many. My heart is full, and it is about be even more filled with love come this November.

Dress by: Jessica Simpson

A Baby Sprinkle

My very 1st baby shower for Dixon in North Louisiana.
IMG_0486CD9A9100CD9A9097CD9A9093One of my biggest cravings since I have been pregnant is anything and everything dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles. So, Ashley, my mom, and my sweet hostesses made sure it was just that, and they even made sure to sprinkle Dixon with all sorts of goodies to make sure he’s taken care of when he makes his grand arrival.CD9A8953

Cake by: Lori’s Cake TherapyCD9A8972 CD9A8973 CD9A8975 CD9A8980 CD9A8981 CD9A8982

Cookies by: Sweet Em’s GemsCD9A8983 CD9A8985 CD9A8986 CD9A8987 CD9A8988 CD9A8990 CD9A8991 CD9A8993 CD9A8994 CD9A8995 CD9A8996 CD9A8997 CD9A8998 CD9A8999 CD9A9000 CD9A9001 CD9A9002 CD9A9003 CD9A9004 CD9A9005 CD9A9006 CD9A9008 CD9A9010 CD9A9014 CD9A9016 CD9A9017 CD9A9018 CD9A9019 CD9A9020 CD9A9021 CD9A9024 CD9A9025 CD9A9028 CD9A9031 CD9A9035 CD9A9038 CD9A9041 CD9A9042 CD9A9043 CD9A9044 CD9A9045 CD9A9047 CD9A9054 CD9A9062 CD9A9065 CD9A9068 CD9A9072CD9A9071CD9A9073 CD9A9074 CD9A9075 CD9A9082 CD9A9084 CD9A9085 CD9A9087 CD9A9090 CD9A9093 CD9A9105 IMG_1043 IMG_1044 IMG_1045 IMG_1047 IMG_1050 IMG_1053

Dress by: Free People

A Lovely Baby Shower

Want to throw the most gorgeous gender neutral baby shower??? Look no further!IMG_0087

(Invitation by: Katiedid Designs)

My sister-in-law, Ashley, throws the best parties, her Aunt Vicki can decorate like no other, then you throw in 5 other wonderful women to host and it’s a feast to behold. CD9A4389 CD9A4390 CD9A4391 CD9A4392 CD9A4393 CD9A4396 CD9A4397 CD9A4399 CD9A4401 CD9A4402 CD9A4403 CD9A4405 CD9A4406

My sister, Kelly, has no idea the gender of their sweet baby due in May. So, she incorporated both boy and girl decor.CD9A4407 CD9A4409 CD9A4410 CD9A4411 CD9A4412 CD9A4413 CD9A4415 CD9A4416 CD9A4417 CD9A4419 CD9A4421 CD9A4422 CD9A4423 CD9A4426 CD9A4427 CD9A4429 CD9A4430 CD9A4431CD9A4433

IMG_0014 IMG_0023

I just love her and her adorable bump! IMG_0015

After the shower was over, I got the pleasure of shooting this smoking hot mama!

Isn’t she a glowing little thing?!?!?

CD9A4680Kelly, we cannot wait to meet Baby Martin! He or SHE (I’m almost positive it’s a girl) is already spoiled rotten and loved beyond means!

(Photos by: Southern Shutter Photography)