Dixon’s 2nd Month

Well what do you know? We have a 2 month old on our hands! My love for this little soul is immeasurable.. It literally continues to grow every day. I get so lost in love with him … these are memories I never want to forget.

CD9A9314Mr. Dixon…

*is extremely smiley in the mornings (mostly for dad)

*has a bedtime routine of bath time, bottle, bed (the three b’s)

*has started sleeping 3 hour stretches only at nighttime

*only takes naps during the day if he is held

*has zombies for parents

*celebrated his first New Year

*has lots to say

*his hair hasn’t fallen out (crossing my fingers it’s here to stay)

*is still working on tummy time

*enjoys dressing like an animalIMG_2224 IMG_2247 *went to deer camp twice this monthIMG_2615-1IMG_2244*takes selfies with dadIMG_2258 *stopped sleeping with Mom and DadIMG_2616-1*sleeps in his bassinet IMG_2261*brought 2016 in with styleCD9A8786 CD9A8792 CD9A8803 CD9A8808 CD9A8814 CD9A8826 CD9A8832*was introduced to Pirates of the Caribbean and paid very close attention
IMG_2290*looks adorable in plaidIMG_2309*loves talks with Dad

IMG_2398 *would cuddle with Mom 24/7FullSizeRender-1IMG_2393 *went on his first outing just the two of us to hobby lobby, the bank, Aunt Sarah’s to get a king cake and the grocery storeIMG_2374*the only way he will let Mom do something hands freeFullSizeRender

  • *he does have his moments

*loves to look at whoever is feeding him (my perfect view)IMG_2357 IMG_2353

*gives himself milk goateesIMG_2352 IMG_2336*snores occasionally like dad

*was found in a king cakeCD9A8842 *went shopping with Mom and Sandra DIMG_2429 IMG_2447 IMG_2433

*dressed like a fox





*dressed like a dogIMG_2475IMG_2466*made his second road trip to Minden with Mom only
IMG_2498*likes to sit up with a little couch helpIMG_2499 *really enjoyed cousin time with HankIMG_2511IMG_2517 IMG_2516IMG_2549*wore Bren Bren slap outIMG_2526*Bren Bren wore him slap outIMG_2556 *smiled for the first time for the camera CD9A9146 CD9A9148 CD9A9159IMG_2570*loved his time with cousin EmmieIMG_2566FullSizeRender-2IMG_2578FullSizeRender-3*really liked when Pappaw Tolar talked Minion to himIMG_2579*even received his first duck callCD9A9306 *Dad makes him smile the most even if it is about dinosaur poop

*enjoyed toys from cousin EmmieIMG_2599 *dressed like a bearIMG_2603*didn’t get sick when Mom wasIMG_2607*met and was serenaded by Mr. DFullSizeRender*was made into a lionIMG_2634-1*had a big 2 month birthday sessionCD9A9321*they call me Dixon Crockett (thanks for the hat Aunt Savanna)CD9A9322CD9A9324CD9A9326CD9A9332CD9A9334CD9A9341CD9A9349CD9A9355*laughed at Mom for crawling on top of my cribCD9A9366CD9A9368CD9A9369CD9A9374CD9A9375*got sleepy eyes from all the picture takingCD9A9376CD9A9377*realized being 2 months old is hardCD9A9379CD9A9382CD9A9385

We love this little boy more than all the things in the world. We couldn’t be more blessed to call him ours. He can eat like a cow, scream as loud as hyena, and wiggles as much as a lizard. I could get lost in his big eyes every second and is the most handsome little boy I have ever seen. I could literally watch him sleep and hold him for the rest of my life. I absolutely love being his Mom.  Two months with you is the best thing that has ever happened to us tiny one! You have stolen our hearts and we couldnt be more blessed by you, we love you little man.

Our First Christmas

Our first Christmas as a party of 3 in our new home!

We decked the halls and our stockings were hung by the chimney with care.
CD9A8085 CD9A8106 CD9A8109 CD9A8121 CD9A8124 CD9A8126 CD9A8128 CD9A7934 CD9A7937 CD9A7939 CD9A7943CD9A8129CD9A8133CD9A8145CD9A8134CD9A8130On Christmas Eve we listened to Christmas music, read Christmas books, and stayed in our festive clothes all day long until it was time to go to David’s Aunt and Uncle’s house. Dave got in extra Christmas spirit when Cousin Eddie made an appearance. IMG_2180 We always feast over there with the best food such as pheasant, ham, salmon, cocktails and this… Homemade Crawfish Bisque. The crawfish shells are stuffed with dressing and it took Aunt Sherry 6 hours to make the shells.

It was AHH-MAAAZING!!!IMG_2181 Once we arrived home, these two enjoyed a silent night. I read A Night Before Christmas and The Grinch and apparently put them straight to sleep. It was definitely a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night around here.IMG_2187The next morning was that much more fun as we had big family time. We played music, made breakfast and opened gifts. Dixon enjoyed watching everything go on in his cute first Christmas jammies.
CD9A8164CD9A8166CD9A8178I love a good open mouth baby kiss.CD9A8184CD9A8189CD9A8198CD9A8200CD9A8204These two melt me every. single. time.CD9A8206CD9A8212CD9A8214CD9A8216CD9A8218CD9A8221CD9A8223CD9A8226After we enjoyed our Christmas morning, we had the Davidge Family over for lunch. Our very first dinner officially at our house. It went great and the company was even better. We made a duck and ate at our festive table! I officially feel like an adult, I think.CD9A8096CD9A8093CD9A8088Then we headed to Minden to see my family where we had the 2nd Annual Tolar Turkey Bowl.CD9A8376I finally got my grandfather to hold his great grandson who he claims is way too small to be held, but he managed perfectly. CD9A8309CD9A8313The game was a little more intense this year. Everyone seemed to have their game face on unlike last year when it seemed to be a big joke. Muscles were sore.CD9A8344CD9A8302CD9A8289CD9A8248CD9A8365I am coming with vengeance next year after this c section heals.

We ended the game with some sweaty family pictures.CD9A8420CD9A8443CD9A8451CD9A8451aIt was a special Christmas with everyone. A lot of first happened for us, and I know the holidays will get sweeter and sweeter as Dixon gets bigger. I however love it just the way it is.