My 1st Mom’s Day

Mother’s Day could possibly be one of my favorite holidays! Mom’s deserve all the praise and love in the world, and it’s great to see each of you get recognized for it.

My 1st Mother’s Day was everything! I spent the day with my boys enjoying a picnic and then a crawfish boil. It started with my tiny love who had my favorite flowers, peonies! David said Dixon was worried sick about getting them to me.
CD9A8698 Then we headed to Fontainebleau State Park for a picnic after a quick run through Popeyes. Fried chicken and sweet tea are the way to my soul food loving heart!CD9A8701We found the perfect spot amidst the cypress trees on the beach.
CD9A8703 The weather was perfection and Dixon was taking it all in.CD9A8711 CD9A8712 CD9A8713 CD9A8715 CD9A8716 CD9A8720 CD9A8726 He liked how the sand felt under the blanket. CD9A8728 CD9A8731 CD9A8733 CD9A8736 CD9A8738 CD9A8740 My boys. CD9A8749 CD9A8753 CD9A8754 This pretty much sums it up.CD9A8760 Then we ventured into the water.CD9A8764 CD9A8765 Dixon loved getting his piggies wet.CD9A8766 CD9A8768 CD9A8769 CD9A8772 Until that chilly wave behind him crept up his back.CD9A8777 CD9A8781He recovered nicely, but wasn’t letting another wave get him on his watch.
CD9A8782 CD9A8783 CD9A8790 CD9A8792After spending time just the three of us, we headed to Aunt Sarah and Uncle Trevor’s house for a crawfish boil with my Hammond family.
CD9A8794 CD9A8796 No crawfish stood a chance with these two.CD9A8801 It was a happy afternoon filled with sunshine, food and conversation.CD9A8803 CD9A8806 CD9A8808 CD9A8815 CD9A8825 Trevor and Sarah put on a delicious boil! CD9A8827 CD9A8830 CD9A8833 CD9A8835 CD9A8836 CD9A8837 CD9A8839 CD9A8840 CD9A8841I am honored to share a day with these women!
CD9A8843 CD9A8844 And Dixon is loved beyond measure..CD9A8854CD9A8857 CD9A8859 CD9A8862 CD9A8865 The little one was wore out! CD9A8867David also found the cure for teething…CD9A8869 CD9A8875It was everything my heart needed! Thanks to David and everyone else for making it one that I will never forget!