It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me

To Our Dearest Little Biddle Dixon,

You officially have a gender and a name! Yay!!!

Just so you know…Your parents enjoy parties, so we threw one in your honor to see if you are a mermaid or pirate.


Turns out you are quite the boy.1Q1A9407

Your parents are still building the perfect house for you, so venue options are kind of slim. We decided to throw this party at the Davidge Swamp Camp in Manchac. You will be familiar with this place very soon. It’s our summer getaway spot, and the perfect place for a pirate/mermaid gender reveal party. I personally think your dad will take any excuse to act like a pirate, so this was it. All of your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were in attendance and eager to find out what you would be. You are dearly loved little one! 1Q1A9409Majority of everyone said you were a pirate, but a handful were thinking mermaid.  Nonetheless, we had one great time with each other celebrating your life over good food and fellowship.

Now comes the party details, and what’s a party without snacks?? I put some “pirate”treats out.1Q1A9325CD9A4007CD9A4006CD9A4005CD9A4004CD9A4003CD9A40021Q1A94331Q1A9430Your Grandmother Sandra D (who hasn’t come up with a name just yet for you to call her) brought her infamous sandwiches, your dad made a big ole pot of jambalaya, and your aunt made one incredible cake! You may not know this but your Aunt Sarah is very talented in the baking area. She made the most amazing gender reveal cake for your party. I still can’t stop looking at it.
CD9A3995CD9A4011CD9A4010CD9A4009The detail is incredible!CD9A4008When we were deciding how we would reveal your gender, I was going to have someone shoot blue or pink fireworks, but your Dad had a way better idea. You may not know this, but you have two fur siblings. Trip is our male golden retriever and he can be extremely goofy. Nonetheless, he is good looking and as sweet as they come. 1Q1A9335Sashay is our female lab who wants to snuggle and ready to work. 1Q1A9334These have been our babies for over four years, so it meant that much more when your Dad came up with an idea to use them in the reveal. The plan was to tell your Uncle Trevor and Aunt Sarah and have them release the dog that was your gender. 1Q1A9351I  took it a step farther and dressed Trip as a pirate and Sashay as a mermaid.
1Q1A9341 1Q1A9354

Pirate Trip walked the plank proudly!

Tears were cried, hugs and kisses shared, and more happiness than I can even write. 1Q1A94081Q1A9404 1Q1A9416 1Q1A9417 1Q1A9418

Your Bren Bren might have thought you may be a mermaid. She had dreams of putting you in a ruffled, smock dress.
1Q1A9421 She is overjoyed to have a Dixon!
1Q1A9424We kept celebrating! 1Q1A9422David Dixon Davidge IV, we love you. We are so excited to have you carry the family name, meet you, snuggle you, love on you, and be a part of our family. Your Dad is ready for you to be his sidekick on all of his adventures such as going hunting in Mississippi and fishing in Venice. I am ready to have a mama’s boy that I can love on for the rest of time. In the meantime, I am working hard to make sure you have a precise Davidge style by purchasing tiny outfits and getting your nursery in order. Time is moving fast, and we are ok with it until you get here of course!IMG_8733I cannot thank Brooke Boyd enough for capturing our sweet memories!