The Tripper

You may not know this but we have two dogs. Our lab has been in training her whole life sadly, so we have lots of attention to give to our golden retriever, Trip. Luckily, we will have Sashay back in September along with a house followed by a baby in November. Since the wonderful chaos hasn’t hit yet, I was able to take some portraits of our golden. He recently started getting some white hairs around his snout (I could cry), so we thought it was time to update his portfolio before he becomes elderly.CD9A5734CD9A5707 CD9A5720 CD9A5723 CD9A5733 CD9A5741 CD9A5743 CD9A5748 CD9A5760 CD9A5766 CD9A5777 CD9A5788 CD9A5792
I am bias, but I think he’s the most handsome golden retriever that I have ever seen!