Dixon’s Newborns

And then my soul saw you and it kind of went “Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”

Dixon was 7 days new when I was privileged enough to take my little boy’s newborn pictures. He is so tiny, and I am somewhat obsessed with him and his little features. I’m not going to lie these took me a whole day to shoot since I ended up having a c section. Getting up and down was tough. Luckily my mom was here to help with the setup and made it a lot less stressful. Dixon on the other hand might have pooped on me twice and peed on me three times, but these sweet pictures will be a memory that we will treasure forever.  


Our little pirate came ashore on Thanksgiving Day (November 26, 2015) at 8:17 PM. He weighed 7.5 pounds and measured 20.5 inches.CD9A7387 CD9A7392 CD9A7395 CD9A7396 CD9A7399 CD9A7402 CD9A7405 CD9A7406 CD9A7417 CD9A7419This was the first time Dixon saw his nursery, and I did a lifestyle session of him throughout the room.
CD9A7443 CD9A7444 CD9A7446 CD9A7448 CD9A7451 CD9A7453 CD9A7456-2 CD9A7462 CD9A7464 CD9A7466 CD9A7467 CD9A7471 CD9A7473 CD9A7478 CD9A7482 CD9A7485 CD9A7486 CD9A7493 CD9A7494 CD9A7497 CD9A7503 CD9A7504 CD9A7515 CD9A7516 CD9A7518 CD9A7520 CD9A7523 CD9A7524 CD9A7525 CD9A7701 The love I have for him is unexplainable.CD9A7712 CD9A7713 CD9A7717 CD9A7731 CD9A7736 CD9A7737 CD9A7738 CD9A7740 CD9A7742 CD9A7744 CD9A7747 CD9A7750 CD9A7758If I know what love is, it is because of the two of you.
CD9A7762-2 I have completely fallen in love with David even more seeing him as a dad. It is one of the sweetest experiences, and each day my heart becomes more and more full. The way he looks at him, holds him, loves him.CD9A7764-2 CD9A7767-2 CD9A7772 CD9A7779 CD9A7787 CD9A7790 CD9A7808 CD9A7811 I couldn’t end without getting those adorable tiny features like our feet.CD9A7868 I could look at his toes all day long.CD9A7869His tummy.CD9A7871The button nose and chin roll.
CD9A7872His beautiful hair.
CD9A7873 His ear and how his hair wisp over the tip top.CD9A7874 CD9A7878 CD9A7882 Baby hands.CD9A7886 CD9A7889 CD9A7892 Those perfect pouty lips.CD9A7893 His hair line.CD9A7897 CD9A7899 Baby leg rolls are my favorite.CD9A7903 CD9A7905To finish this is Dixon’s Birth Announcement that I designed. togetherannouncementAnd our 2015 Christmas CardtogetherchristmasChristmas Card designed by: Studio Fourty 60