Different Types of Mom’s

Tomorrow is my very first official Mother’s Day. They say. I have had so many thoughts about what makes you a Mom. Sure I carried and had my precious baby boy, but Motherhood started before I even met him.View More: http://ltassinphoto.pass.us/nicole-mm-The Conceiving Mom

I believe when a woman makes the decision that she is ready to become a mother that she is a mom. Let me explain. Last year David and I decided we would try to conceive and grow our family. In that moment of conception mommy instincts begin. You are reading and doing just about every possibility there is to get pregnant. Whether you are pregnant or not, you become selfless to make sure your body is doing it’s absolute best to carry your child. There are ups and downs and disappointments and triumphs sometimes. I can’t even imagine what some women have endured and the want and need of having a baby which makes you a great mother in itself. IMG_4886

-The Pregnant Mom

Once you are pregnant, the anxiety is even worse. Every doctor’s appointment you are scared to death that something could possibly be wrong. It could be no heart beat, a birth defect, measuring wrong, you’ve gained too much or too little, gestational diabetes, little fluid, or your body might not do something right. There’s so many things that can go wrong that it’s a miracle to me that so many babies come into this world.

Savannah Kate Photography45– The Mom

She has made it to the finish line by some miracle and is tired and covered in a mystery stain and sticky kisses. To be able to mother a child is the best/worst gift you could ever receive. When leaving the hospital, I was surprised they were sending me into the world with him with no instructions. It really is true though.. You figure it out and it is the sweetest adventure that ever existed. Life had not started for me until Dixon arrived, and it has been a beautiful ride thus far.
View More: http://ltassinphoto.pass.us/nicole-mm-The Step Mom

When a woman can love someone else’s children as if they are her own, that is motherhood. I believe my dad finally got it right with mine. She gained 5 kiddos and became a grandmother JJ way too soon, and she loves each of us dearly. She also makes an exceptional shopping partner and loves her grandbabies. _DSC6902IMG_2961-The Mother-In-Law

I hit the jackpot of all mother-in-laws. I have heard stories of some scary ones, but mine is far from it. She has made me feel like a daughter and loves her grandson beyond words. Especially living away from home, she has gone above and beyond to make sure we are always taken care of. She hurts when we hurt and celebrates in our accomplishments. I will never forget when I was told that I needed to have a c section and she came over to me, fighting back any emotion and grabbed my hand and said, “It’s going to be ok.” She is sometimes strong for me when I am weak. _DSC7952CD9A7670-Your Mom

I never fully understood the sacrifice a mother makes until I became one. I didn’t realize just how much my mom truly loves me until I experienced that love on my own. It’s love at first sight and wanting nothing but the best for your child. It’s doing your absolute best to make sure they are raised right and given all the opportunities they deserve. It’s sleepless nights and worry and guilt. It’s carrying about someone more than you care about yourself. True, unconditional love is what it is and it’s the sweetest gift God ever made. Mom, I cannot ever thank you enough for all the sacrifices you made to help me grow and become the woman I am today. I don’t know what I would do without you on my side. _DSC8173

CD9A7661-The Other Moms (Dad, Grandmother, Aunt, whoever)

Someone out there had a hand in raising you and loving you. They deserve extra love for taking you in because they love you.

To all the Mother’s out there CHEERS to MOTHERHOOD.

Make your day worth it because you deserve it. Celebrate the tiredness, the poopy diapers, and the hours and hours of screams and tantrums, but also the things that make it worth while. There is absolutely nothing better than hearing the first heart beat, seeing those tiny toes, heart-melting snuggles, and being called “Mom”. For being there in every moment, both good and bad. We are worth more than a day. But if we get one day, we should make it worth it. Here’s to the women around the world who put others before themselves and love with their whole hearts. You’re an absolute inspiration.


Dixon’s Birthday |11.26.2015|

The Happiest Birthday for David Dixon Davidge IV!

David and I were headed to my 40 week appointment. _DSC6824Our hospital bags had been stowed away in the trunk for more than 5 weeks. We were always prepared in case Dixon decided to make his grand arrival at any time. I had come to terms that my full term baby was going to be induced on November 30th. He was cozy and not wanting to meet the world just yet._DSC7093 _DSC7101

It was the day before Thanksgiving as we waited for my name to be called back to the sonogram room. As I laid on the table for over an hour attempting to get all the measurements, my little one who apparently was sleeping in a ball helped us none. The ultrasound tech told us our 40 week baby was measuring at 36 weeks and she couldn’t determine if he was practicing his breathing. This being my first child, I was unaware that these things are very important this late in the game. We then left to meet with our doctor.

Every appointment up until this point had been the same. “Everything looks great.. He will come when he is ready.. See you at the next appointment” but not this time. Dr. Schwartzenburg walked in and immediately said it’s time to have a baby! David looked at her and said, “Right now?” Apparently the measurement and breathing thing were enough to get him out of me as soon as possible. It wasn’t an emergency situation, but my uterus wasn’t progressing Dixon. So as my doctor put it, he was ready to have a birthday. Dr. Schwartzenburg was very nervous starting the delivery process from nothing. I was barely at 1 cm and he hadn’t effaced at all. She didn’t want to jinx it by saying I needed a c section, but she did let me know we would do everything possible to have a natural birth. David and I left her office in shock.

We were having a baby!

_DSC6830 David couldn’t believe that we were headed straight to labor and delivery. We weren’t even able to run home. Before checking in we made phone calls to everyone. My family was hours away and had the longest travel time to get to us. I don’t think one person believed us the first time we said, “We are having the baby today!” There was more excitement in one hour than we could have ever imagined. After checking in, they started my pitocin drip at 4 PM on November 25th.  _DSC6837 _DSC6838 _DSC6845 _DSC6851 I had two of the greatest nurses Kristin and Brittain. I was in labor for so long both of them rotated twice, and they knew how important it was to me to have Dixon naturally. They both went above and beyond to attempt to get me to 10 cm. I don’t think this experience could have been any better than with these two ladies. _DSC6858 My family started rolling in throughout the night. This one left her 6 month old and drove all the way from Little Rock, Arkansas, through the night. We were feeling all the love from our family._DSC6861 _DSC6868 _DSC6870 _DSC6873 _DSC6879 I don’t think my Mom has ever been this anxious and excited in all her life. From being on edge waiting for Dixon’s arrival to seeing her baby girl deliver a baby. She didn’t have the best experience delivering my brother and I. She coded blue with my brother and was unable to have any drugs with me. She hoped my experience would be nothing like hers. It was an extremely emotional two days for everyone. _DSC6883 _DSC6884 _DSC6893 My Dad, Step Mom, half brother, and half sister joined the party. They had actually planned to come in for Thanksgiving in hopes Dixon would make his arrival. They were right!_DSC6902 _DSC6905 _DSC6943_DSC6944_DSC6913_DSC6918 There were guesses made on Dixon’s arrival time which wasn’t even close to when he actually came. Dixon stayed in me as long as he could. Stubborn little guy..

The waiting game began…
_DSC6940 _DSC6953 _DSC6957 _DSC6976 _DSC6986 _DSC6990 _DSC6991 _DSC7000 There was an exercise ball that did wonders on me. I went from a 3 to a 5 to a 7 within hours. I was progressing a centimeter a hour. We were getting hopeful._DSC7011 _DSC7038 _DSC7049 _DSC7071 _DSC7083 I had the jitters worse than anything. David always thought that I was freezing, but my nerves were at an all time high._DSC7085 My on call doctor told me no matter what we would have a baby on Thanksgiving Day. She wouldn’t let me go any longer._DSC7122 _DSC7156 _DSC7163 _DSC7172 _DSC7213 Daves Mom was such a strong person for me during this process. She always let me know that everything was going to be ok and would make sure David and I were as comfortable as possible. _DSC7246 David and Kelly passed the time looking at black Friday deals._DSC7255 David even joked he had time to hit up Lowe’s Black Friday deals._DSC7262 _DSC7265_DSC7286David was in the waiting room at this point so his mom, brother, and his wife could visit with me. I will never forget the nurse coming in and blind siding me. It was around 5 PM,  and I had not dilated any more than a 7 for a while. I had been in active labor for 25 hours. To make it worse Dixon’s heart rate was dropping with each contraction. She wanted to warn and prepare me that we would more than likely be having a c section very soon but it was ultimately my doctor would make it official. I had it in my mind that a c section wasn’t going to happen. I never thought about having surgery during this process. My whole pregenancy had gone so smoothly. How could this not?

David’s family got up to leave and David’s sweet mom was the last to walk out. She could see the fear in my eyes. She herself had a c section with David and I am pretty sure knows all the feelings that I was having. I will never forget her walking up to me and putting her hand on mine and she said, “It’ll be ok.” As she went to get David, I couldn’t stop analyzing the situation, and then he walked in. I lost it. With tears in my eyes, I told him I was going to have a c section and that Dixon was giving up. Not the greatest choices of words. I know. I had worked so hard to get as far as I had gotten. David finally calmed me down and said we need to do what is best for you and Dixon and that’s having a c section. David was the wind in sails. I would have done whatever it took, no questions asked, to make sure Dixon got here the safest way.

Dr. Guidry arrived and she gave me a run down of the situation at hand. From the beginning she mentioned I would be having a c section. Once we started using the exercise ball she seemed hopeful that I could get to a 10. However Dixon started to give up on delivery. Since I had been in labor for so long his heart rate started to drop with each contraction I was having. It wasn’t dropping enough to be an emergency situation yet. My doctor took me off the pitocin drip and his heart rate went back to normal and I went to a “stretchy” 7. She then decided to start my drip again and nothing changed. My doctor had promised we would have a baby by the end of Thanksgiving Day. After many tears and pure exhaustion, we then decided to have a c section. _DSC7269 _DSC7316 _DSC7318 _DSC7319 _DSC7320 _DSC7322 _DSC7332 _DSC7336 _DSC7338 _DSC7350 _DSC7356 _DSC7357 _DSC7362 _DSC7369 Before David walked in my doctor checked me one last time before she made the first cut. I would have been traumatized if she said “Oh you’re at a 10! Lets go back and push!” The exhaustion I had at this point wanted Dixon out, and I was on the table ready physically and emotionally. I just wanted my baby!_DSC7371 I was shaking so bad on the table, but I was worried about David who doesn’t do good with blood much less surgery, but he did great. He kept me calm and was strong yet sensitive. I kept my eyes on him the entire time. _DSC7386 _DSC7392 _DSC7421At 8:27 PM I remember hearing the most beautiful cry as tears ran down my face. I was so happy he was here and ok. Waiting to see him seemed like forever, but his cry was plenty for me._DSC7425 _DSC7433 _DSC7435 _DSC7436 _DSC7445 _DSC7448 _DSC7456 _DSC7457 He was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. All ten toes and fingers and tiny nose and lips and ears and a head full of dark hair and even dark toned skin. He was alert as ever._DSC7458 I have never seen Dave more proud._DSC7466 _DSC7473 _DSC7488 _DSC7504 _DSC7514 _DSC7524 _DSC7531 _DSC7545 _DSC7557 _DSC7564 _DSC7565 _DSC7589 _DSC7599 _DSC7600 _DSC7617He weighed 7.5 pounds and measured 20.5 inches and healthy as ever.
_DSC7638 _DSC7673 _DSC7708 He was crying so loud when they brought him to me, but as soon as they put his cheek on my cheek he was calm. It is amazing how well babies know their mother’s from the first second of life._DSC7720 _DSC7723 _DSC7733 _DSC7740 _DSC7750 I still can’t believe this perfect being was created inside of me._DSC7757 _DSC7765 _DSC7773 _DSC7777 _DSC7790 _DSC7794 _DSC7801 _DSC7806 _DSC7821 My first time to hold him. I had dreamed about what he would look like and how this moment would feel. I took all of him in and still do to this day. I can’t begin to describe the first time you hold, feel, smell and look at your baby._DSC7842 _DSC7843 _DSC7854 He was worth the wait._DSC7861 The best crew I could have asked for._DSC7865 _DSC7869 _DSC7870 Dave and I were very impressed with our on call doctor. She always shot us straight even when we didn’t want to hear it. When it came down to having surgery, she made us feel very confident in every decision that she made._DSC7871 _DSC7874 We were in love from the start._DSC7883 _DSC7888 _DSC7895 _DSC7898 _DSC7911 _DSC7913 _DSC7915 _DSC7916 _DSC7918 _DSC7926 _DSC7929 _DSC7932 _DSC7934 David was off to tell our family that everything went perfectly and show off his brand spankin’ new son!_DSC7937 _DSC7949The Davidges were super excited!
_DSC7952 _DSC7953 _DSC7955 _DSC7957 _DSC7962 Everyone couldn’t wait to see that baby boy!_DSC7973 _DSC7977 Kelly was our first visitor._DSC7993 _DSC8037 _DSC8062 _DSC8077 _DSC8100 _DSC8103 _DSC8117 _DSC8122 _DSC8126 _DSC8129 _DSC8132 _DSC8139 _DSC8145 _DSC8146 The rest of our precious family poured in. Since I was in labor so long, everyone was able to make it. It seemed as if Dixon waited for all of them to arrive before he did._DSC8149 _DSC8151 I love that Hank managed to lose his pants from all the waiting._DSC8152 _DSC8154 One proud Pappaw Rowton._DSC8157 _DSC8161 _DSC8162 _DSC8164 My sweet Pappaw never has words only a pat of the hand and a grin which speaks volumes to me._DSC8168 _DSC8172 My dear mom didn’t get to see me before I was sent off to surgery since it happened so fast. Once we saw each other for the first time and everything had gone smoothly, we both were teary eyed and relieved and overjoyed._DSC8173 My baby boy is so loved._DSC8178 _DSC8179 _DSC8183

What a beautiful day! This was the most bittersweet moment of my life. Motherhood is hard but the most rewarding feeling. It amazes me how much I can love this tiny soul. He is worth more than I could ever give him. I would go through this over and over again to have him in my life. He has changed me and shows me new and interesting things each and every day. I have never experienced a love like his.

We cannot thank our birth story photographer, Christie Froom, enough! She not only hung in there for 12 hours but missed Thanksgiving Day with her family to be by our sides. I cannot begin to explain the amount of love and joy she brought David and I and my family on that day. She is one phenomenal photographer straight across the board and now we feel like she is a part of our family. So thank you, thank you, thank you for our precious memories!

Awaiting Baby Dixon

My maternity pictures are here!! The talented Savannah Kate Photography captured them. They are even more perfect than I had pictured in my mind. You can never go wrong with cypress trees and cotton fields. I was 30 weeks along and could not wait to hold and see my baby. All I could do is cradle my belly.
Savannah Kate Photography01 Savannah Kate Photography02 Savannah Kate Photography03 Savannah Kate Photography04 Savannah Kate Photography05 Savannah Kate Photography06 Savannah Kate Photography07 Savannah Kate Photography08 Savannah Kate Photography09 Savannah Kate Photography10 Savannah Kate Photography11 Savannah Kate Photography12 Savannah Kate Photography13 Savannah Kate Photography15 Savannah Kate Photography16 Savannah Kate Photography17 Savannah Kate Photography18 Savannah Kate Photography19 Savannah Kate Photography20 Savannah Kate Photography14Savannah Kate Photography26 Savannah Kate Photography27 Savannah Kate Photography28 Savannah Kate Photography30 Savannah Kate Photography31 Savannah Kate Photography32 Savannah Kate Photography33 Savannah Kate Photography34 Savannah Kate Photography35 Savannah Kate Photography36 Savannah Kate Photography37 Savannah Kate Photography38 Savannah Kate Photography39 Savannah Kate Photography40 Savannah Kate Photography41 Savannah Kate Photography43 Savannah Kate Photography44 Savannah Kate Photography45 Savannah Kate Photography46 Savannah Kate Photography47 Savannah Kate Photography48 Savannah Kate Photography50 Savannah Kate Photography51 Savannah Kate Photography52 Savannah Kate Photography53 Savannah Kate Photography54 Savannah Kate Photography55

Photography: Savannah Kate Photography

Dresses: Sew Trendy Accessories

Floral Crown: Love Sparkle Pretty

Hair: Cheveux by Robbie Meshell

Makeup: Bel Viso Makeup Artistry 

To Live Will be an Awfully Big Adventure -Peter Pan

On June 27th David and I learned there was a sweet, little boy growing inside of me. Ever since June 28th, I have been working extremely hard to create the perfect nest for him. Picking out a theme was the hardest. You don’t know what his personality is going to be like. What we did know is what we want for our little boy and that is an adventure in all things. We (mostly David) are clearly about pirate adventures if you haven’t noticed, but I wanted something a little more mature for a nursery. So I thought how can I relate a pirate theme, but truly use what it’s all about: Adventure, Exploring, and Seeing what the world has to offer. So I designed an Adventure Themed Nursery with help from my dear husband and sweet family. I went a little farther and made it more than adventures on the high seas, but adventures in the mountains or near the water. We have big dreams for our little one and hopefully through this room he will be inspired and know he is loved, supported and to live will be an awfully big adventure.
CD9A7054 CD9A7028 CD9A7027 CD9A7024 CD9A7019 CD9A7018 CD9A6993 CD9A6936CD9A6731CD9A6853CD9A6989CD9A7031CD9A7033CD9A7043CD9A6726CD9A6766CD9A6772CD9A6951CD9A6771CD9A6950CD9A6776CD9A6850CD9A6983CD9A6959CD9A6985CD9A7053CD9A7064CD9A6683CD9A6690CD9A6806CD9A6970CD9A6807CD9A6971CD9A7076CD9A7044

Welcome to the World Shower

IMG_1135We couldn’t welcome Dixon to the world without a shower in South Louisiana, and my new Davidge Family really went above and beyond to make it extra special! My brother-in-law made the invitations, my mother-in-law and Aunt Sherry helped add their special touches, and my sister-in-law and mom-in-law-in-law decorated the shower to a tee and had shower food that I will keep craving.
CD9A0823My sweet sister-in-law, Sarah, who can cook and bake like no other, put on a shower fit for an adventurer. I am in love with all of it! CD9A0716CD9A0717CD9A0713CD9A0711CD9A0710CD9A0708CD9A0706CD9A0705CD9A0698CD9A0696CD9A0694CD9A0693CD9A0692CD9A0691Then there was this. CD9A0690Sarah outdid herself once again with a naked, adventure cake!CD9A0686Cake by: Sarah Davidge
CD9A0745When in South Louisiana…CD9A0738CD9A0737A mimosa bar.CD9A0736And a bloody mary bar.CD9A0735CD9A0734CD9A0733CD9A0732CD9A0731CD9A0729She even thought about alcohol free me with this Rose!CD9A0817CD9A0726CD9A0725CD9A0724CD9A0723And what’s a shower without adventure cookies?CD9A0818Cookies by: Michelle’s Custom Cookies
CD9A0750CD9A0771CD9A0762CD9A0761CD9A0759CD9A0757CD9A0756CD9A0755CD9A0753CD9A0751Dixon got spoiled once again!
CD9A0808It is still crazy to me that there will be a baby here before Christmas! One of my favorite gifts was Dixon’s first Christmas tree filled with ornaments all pertaining to him and his uncle and dad. Such a thoughtful gift from Aunt Sarah!CD9A0815CD9A0812So much family was able to make it. My gorgeous sister came all the way from San Antonio.
IMG_1147These two (my stepmom and dad) came from Houston and have been spoiling Dixon since day one.IMG_1148My Dad and I had a comparison of bumps. IMG_1149We weren’t quite sure who won..IMG_1150But I think I’ve got him beat!IMG_1151My precious Mother-in-law.CD9A0800My lovely Mom.CD9A0796My sweet Moms.CD9A0793My Best Friend, Elizabeth, and her precious Mom who has put up with me for way too long. CD9A0788This one though is my favorite!CD9A0785CD9A0782And the best host, Sarah, my sis-in-law.

Dixon is soooo lucky to have you as his Aunt, and I will tell him everyday!CD9A0780CD9A0778But lastly we had a party crasher, the man, the myth, the legend behind the bump…CD9A0804My husband.CD9A0806CD9A0805I can’t believe my showers are over. I have been looking forward to them for what feels like a year. They came so fast and both my families and friends have really done more than we could ever wanted to prepare us for baby. We cannot thank y’all enough for all the love that’s been shown for our boy. Next up on the list is moving into our house and getting the nest ready. I cannot wait to put his nursery together. I have been planning this room since Trip walked the plank, and we knew it was a boy. There are so many first happening this year (the move, house, baby), and I am doing my best to enjoy each of them. All of it wouldn’t be possible without the unconditional love shown from so many. My heart is full, and it is about be even more filled with love come this November.

Dress by: Jessica Simpson

New Dad Survival Kit

I wanted to do something extra special for my husband in preparation of our new bundle of boy! I couldn’t think of a better way to prepare and welcome David to the “Dad Club” without a New Dad Survival Kit. Since we are less than 2 months away from our due date and all the items had arrived, I couldn’t keep them from him anymore.  So, I got him a daddy diaper bag and filled it with some goodies!
CD9A9120I think his smile says it all.
CD9A9107The first thing he opened was the baby shrimp boots to match his.

My favorite, personal gift to him.CD9A9109I don’t think he realized they were made that small. CD9A9111CD9A9124His next gift which made him a tiny bit nervous is everything he would need to make an efficient diaper change tool belt. David has told me since day one (of dating) that he doesn’t plan on changing a diaper. I could honestly see him calling his mom to come over to help with a dirty one in the near future. So, I wanted to make sure he has no excuse!
CD9A9134 CD9A9114Daddy’s Tools of the Trade includes: diapers • diaper cream • diaper wipes • disposable changing pad • diaper pins • hand sanitizer • disposable scented diaper bags • baby powder • goggles • nose clip • gloves. There is even a bonus toy to distract the baby while Daddy is changing the diaper.

CD9A9138You never know when a new baby will mess up your clothes. So, this dad needed a new, nice shirt, and I found one that looked just like him.CD9A9136Dad and Me books are sooooo sweet. I can’t wait to see him read these to him. 
CD9A9131This one especially. Jimmy Fallon released his first children’s book and I laugh thinking about David doing this. The Dad does everything in his power make the child say Dada as its first word. I can definitely see Dave doing this daily. CD9A9133My last gift was David’s “Daddy Diaper Bag” aka a YETI Hopper Cooler. We all know there will be days and nights that every Dad will need  a cold beverage to take a load off. CD9A9144

With this gift, Dave will have NO excuse but to be a great Dad!  I am certain he will be a great Dad without these things but encouragement, yes!

A Baby Sprinkle

My very 1st baby shower for Dixon in North Louisiana.
IMG_0486CD9A9100CD9A9097CD9A9093One of my biggest cravings since I have been pregnant is anything and everything dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles. So, Ashley, my mom, and my sweet hostesses made sure it was just that, and they even made sure to sprinkle Dixon with all sorts of goodies to make sure he’s taken care of when he makes his grand arrival.CD9A8953

Cake by: Lori’s Cake TherapyCD9A8972 CD9A8973 CD9A8975 CD9A8980 CD9A8981 CD9A8982

Cookies by: Sweet Em’s GemsCD9A8983 CD9A8985 CD9A8986 CD9A8987 CD9A8988 CD9A8990 CD9A8991 CD9A8993 CD9A8994 CD9A8995 CD9A8996 CD9A8997 CD9A8998 CD9A8999 CD9A9000 CD9A9001 CD9A9002 CD9A9003 CD9A9004 CD9A9005 CD9A9006 CD9A9008 CD9A9010 CD9A9014 CD9A9016 CD9A9017 CD9A9018 CD9A9019 CD9A9020 CD9A9021 CD9A9024 CD9A9025 CD9A9028 CD9A9031 CD9A9035 CD9A9038 CD9A9041 CD9A9042 CD9A9043 CD9A9044 CD9A9045 CD9A9047 CD9A9054 CD9A9062 CD9A9065 CD9A9068 CD9A9072CD9A9071CD9A9073 CD9A9074 CD9A9075 CD9A9082 CD9A9084 CD9A9085 CD9A9087 CD9A9090 CD9A9093 CD9A9105 IMG_1043 IMG_1044 IMG_1045 IMG_1047 IMG_1050 IMG_1053

Dress by: Free People

Hello Third Trimester | 35 Pregnancy Thoughts

It’s almost time for the big finale!473bea27d8573cfc18ef201ab7a64b13In honor of reaching the home stretch of my pregnancy, I decided to dedicate this blog post to my pregnancy experience thus far. You know.. Bring the humor out in the situation that is known as pregnancy. Surely expecting ladies past and present can relate and know exactly where I am coming from.

Enjoy my 35 pregnancy thoughts!

64468df687572a564254e038217bc65a1. She sounds hideous.. But really. No matter what size you are, you still feel like a beached whale that no one finds attractive. I like to use the term “uncomfortably cute”.

4a5616dc7ae0f4bc2a5fca7a36665ced2.The Struggle is Real. Coughing and laughing can be just as hard.

3. Yay! I did it! I know mom and dad are so proud of me for finally getting completely sober. I am truly looking forward to my first glass of cabernet, oysters on the half shell, tuna sashimi, rare steak, and a side of lobster. It’ll be a cheap meal ok!

2a9a083a504b237c6f047ee564db4c8b4. Food. There are times I am out in a public place that I hope no one saw the massacre that took place between me and my plate. I still manage to enjoy food. Especially when you are craving something and then you get your pregnant, swollen hands on it. It taste 20 times better. 

2cafafd18d63ec5b0370308168bb83135. Make it stop! If heartburn during pregnancy means you’ll have a hairy baby.. I am about to give birth to Chewbacca! After all the food intake heartburn happens almost daily. I have never experienced heartburn/indegestion until now and it is probably one of my biggest struggles.

5a4837310ce0de74cd50bc9869172ef76. This Happened! Last weekend Dave finally saw my belly move from Dixon wiggling around and his first reaction was, “I am not saying it’s Aliens, but Alien!”

5ba4f19ab38359218ffe49094fd300a07. Swag. Swag Everywhere!

8. Fatigue. Why yes I am writing this blog post at 3am. Why you ask? I haven’t a clue. My body thinks it’s 11am for some unknown reason.

9TSXAutP8wc86IMVgXvHAEH6P7oynWsA_lg9. I don’t even know if I missed a spot. I am seriously going in blind these days. I think that I am doing a great job however.

10. Yassss! I have truly enjoyed bikini season this year.

11. Nope. Bye Felicia.

12. I tried… At least I gave it a good effort. Nothing during the day is so important as naps!

13. Contractions. I thought that I was doing great until 3am last Saturday when Braxton came knocking on my door. Thanks for the preview sir!

709bec6a4de8dacc484048ad841d6ca014. I’m a turtle. This could not describe all 290435389473764 times I attempt to get out of bed each time any better.

907fe1debf10fe98003edee711a8266515. You can’t breathe. The baby causes shortness of breath and no matter how little you do, you will be winded.

6267d9491c78b802927bab238de18fcc16. When does this glowing stage begin? Still waiting.

9793ed857f58b10dc1e9fc1d158a1c7417. Everyday. I could either cry or hate you or do both. David has handled me very well. I can’t be that bad if he discussed wanting to do this all over again within the next year or two.. Right?!

98860ea3c24524a8c26364a929c0e0fa18. Snacks. Snacks always win. I swear you said chocolate donut with sprinkles. 

519706e0575480dc7fca622ef6d0f8d419. Position Change. I am sooo happy David is a hard sleeper. I am constantly changing sleeping positions and trying to get comfortable. My arm falls asleep before I usually do. 

04332953e3a7420ec7dcad87fa6e4acb 20. Mmmm.. Donuts. Chocolate with sprinkles or donut holes with chocolate milk. Be right back.. Running to the donut shop now! A fruit salad will not do.

29295560cad5fea9ca27ef8533aaed89 21. Pretty much sums it up. I am currently still excited about baby kicks.


22. How will I ever know?? Step it up YouTube!


23. My baby wants chocolate cake. Now!

bc40e3e019ad863bdab4477b6c348980 24. Is it that noticeable? I have fallen asleep in mid conversation with David from being so exhausted. This is probably my favorite pregnancy story of ours. David and I were driving around our soon-to-be neighborhood. We were picking out house plans and he asked me to go inside to look at a floor plan or paint colors or something. I told him he could check it out that I trusted his opinion. He looked at me and I had passed out, sitting up in the front seat. He nicely drove me home to let me nap.


25. Not going to lie, it can be an obstacle. I put myself in strange positions to reach my shoe laces.

e796f6674cbdb8baecdc421036e8125b26. Who needs pants? It’s way too hot and they are getting way too little.

f2beb6d0406f4e128ace80738775d0c427. They see me Waddlin’. They hatin’.


28. This has to be happening inside of me! One night I peed 7 times. My bladder is Dixon’s pillow, and they cuddle often.

KLKdu9ol49z9lGxQdpFT5clvNxNwB72O_lg29. Which brings me to my next point.. Never. Pass. Up. A. Bathroom. You can always pee.

w3ShyWtcUTyaHwsq7ssWBTMwoJf4rvyJ_lg130. Exactly. In case you are wondering this is it.


31. Can We Get Some Cooler Weather Already??  I used to think I wanted a boob job until I got pregnant. I don’t know how women deal with this on the regular. I have however found “Don’t Sweat It“. You are welcome!

images32. So Far It Works. I cannot put enough lotion on the skin. So far I have been very successful with no stretch marks, but I don’t know how long that will last.


33. Cannot complain. Such a true statement. Through each and everything I have experienced and felt, it is all worth it to feel him move around inside of me, hear his heartbeat, and to think about what’s to come.

0c079450d2c740b169e3a80d902b4ba234. We are so in LOVE! The mystery of him has kept us on our toes and brought more fulfillment than ever. We are eager and with patient hearts waiting until he makes his grand arrival.

CD9A758335. This is 28 weeks. I am currently reading books. (Dixon should feel special. I never read until now.) I am trying to prepare myself in every way possible. I have taken classes. Dave attended one and is now confidently prepared to take care of him as am I. I have done everything possible to get moved into our house earlier. I think our move in date will be pushed up by two weeks. Praise Jesus! I am very antsy about getting his nursery ready. The Biddle needs the most perfect nest, and I am going to make that happen danggit. We have two baby showers approaching at the end of September. I have made sure my registry has everything baby needs. (Side note: Target registry items go out of stock rather quickly and need to be replaced frequently.)  Maternity pictures are scheduled to remember my first experience of creating our baby boy. I enjoy talking to Dixon and rubbing my belly. He already brings so much happiness to my life. Through it all, I cannot wait to see his tiny face and toes.. and ears.. and mouth, snuggle him, and see David as a Dad. It is about to get real and I am ecstatic!

Pirate or Mermaid ???

Dearest Little Biddle,

I am 17 weeks today, and your parents are dying. Not literally. You just have this thing called a gender now and waiting three weeks to find out is kind of long. In the meantime, I have only bought you one thing… (I am waiting to know the big news before I buy you more)

And your Dad had to out do me by FINALLY buying us a house! That’s your room in the right corner minus the dirt of course.IMG_0941

I might have gotten teary eyed just a little since they started a whole month early. If we can get nested any time sooner, I am ready to move in today. Speaking of things starting to build.. I believe you are finally trying to show yourself. Every week I take a picture trying to find (what I hear can appear over night) “the infamous bump”. There are days I could bathe in a pool of mac&cheese, mexican food, and fried rice, so I am doing my part. Still waiting for the full version… Stay tuned!FullSizeRender

I absolutely love watching you grow. Our monthly appointments are the only way this pregnancy feels real to us up until last week when I finally felt you flutter. Still seeing you on the big screen makes my heart flutter. You are so active every time. The last ultrasound, it looked like you were waving. This time it looked like you were smiling and clapping which gives me even more reason to think that you are a boy. Because.. You are your father’s child. Your Dad is still not sure if you are a boy or girl. Either way we will love you more than we ever knew was possible.
CD9A3687With all of that going on, we will all wait until June 27th to know if you are a Pirate or a Mermaid!!

Thanks to one of my best friends Mary Catherine at StudioFourty60 for making the cutest gender reveal invitations I have ever seen! 

Until then your big news is sealed and hidden. It will be revealed very soon on the planks in Manchac! CD9A3695Oh and one other thing.. Your Dad felt you moving around in my belly this morning! 
DSC_9516-202We are absolutely smitten with you!

A New Adventure

Dear Baby Davidge #2,

I tricked your Dad today. Before I get into that let’s start from the beginning… You aren’t our first baby. We actually brought back more than a souvenir from our honeymoon. After the fourth of July, I was late, and your dad made me take a pregnancy test before he left for Pennsylvania where he works (start getting use to that). Anyway, I walked out of the bathroom and said, “I don’t think I’m pregnant.” The second line was very faded. David went to trusty Google where it instructed him very clearly that  “a line is a line.” I then pointed out to him that my best friend, Elizabeth would be so mad at him for making me a pregnant bridesmaid. It’s so funny to think about the words that come out of your mouth when you’re in a ditter. At this point, I was 6 weeks along. I was in complete shock, but so excited we would be starting a family so soon. What really upset me was how your dad found out I was pregnant. It wasn’t special, but definitely a story I will never forget. So, I attempted to make it special for him.  IMG_4886

Unfortunately, at 8 weeks, we lost your brother or sister. No one ever prepares you for something like this. I was  surprised we got pregnant so quickly that I thought it was meant to be. Afterwards we watched the movie “90 minutes in Heaven” where a younger sibling dies and comes back to life. While he was unconscious he visited heaven and sees his miscarried sister. It gave me great hope that one day I will meet our first child. I know there is a reason all miscarriages happen, and I give all women the most love for what they have endured. It took me a while to want to start trying again. I told David that I wanted to take a trip to California first. We actually planned the trip the month our sweet baby would have been born.

Then you happened!

As I have tears running down my face, we are so happy to start our family and meet you. However I don’t think we are allowed to go on trips anymore. The trend seems to be that I will always get pregnant.

I have had every pregnancy symptom known to man (or woman for that matter). It was 5 days before I should have known I was carrying you, but I had a feeling that I could take a test just to see. I had eaten dinner with your Pappaw Tolar and Bren Bren. After dinner they were running to the store, so I had a little time to run to the pharmacy and take a quick test at their house before they got home. (Side note: Your parents are living with their parents because we haven’t found the perfect house for you YET. Cross those tiny fingers that we find one soon!) So, I rush home take the test, turn it over, and leave for 5 minutes. I return to see the happiest word a new Mommy could ever see, “PREGNANT!”IMG_9960

I didn’t know what to do or how to contain my excitement. I came so close to telling your Bren Bren, but I wanted her to find out in a sweet way. The next morning I called the doctor and set up an appointment to make sure everything was going right this time. I couldn’t do it by myself. I was scared to find out the same news from last time. The struggle of having a miscarriage makes you think you’re about to have another after every cramp, blood test, and little sign that might lead to that. So, I told your Bren Bren first.

After the blood work results came back that I was pregnant, it was time to tell your dad. I was finally going to be able to surprise him! I called your Aunt Ashley and told her the joyous news and my plan with her help. We went over to your Uncle Nick and Aunt Ashley’s house for supper. When we finished, I told David that I had been working on something for our one year anniversary coming up in May.

He wasn’t too excited about getting his picture taken and your Uncle Nick gave him grief about “how ridiculous my idea was for a first anniversary”, but your dad went along with it. I told him to write something that he loved about me and I would do the same about him.CD9A3002

He was so sweet! CD9A3003

Then it was my turn!! I had the BIG NEWS!CD9A3007

His reactions make my heart melt! CD9A3017 CD9A3018

Your Dad hates “getting got”, so he has to piece everything together to figure out how this all happened without him figuring it out sooner.CD9A3019 CD9A3020

We are over the moon excited for our new adventure with you! CD9A3021 CD9A3022 CD9A3024

Your sweet Daddy has already nicknamed you Little Biddle, and I am eating everything in sight to keep you fed. The doctor said everything looks great thus far, and we will see you at 6 weeks and 6 days to hopefully hear your sweet, little heart beat. Our next step is to tell the Davidge side! They are going to be so excited!

I purchased these shirts to tell the Davidge family. il_570xN.734496741_i8xzI am pretty sure it went over well.. This is us telling David’s Mom.

Telling David’s Dad is quite possibly my favorite..

After this we went to David’s Aunt Sherry and Uncle Skipper’s. Aunt Sherry got it in record time and Dave’s Uncle never got it. We had to tell him, and then it was hugs all around. Next on our list was David’s brother and wife, Sarah. Poor Sarah wasn’t feeling well and as soon as she realized the shirt wasn’t calling out David’s gut she got so excited that she threw up. Trevor never got the shirt, so we started calling him Uncle Trevor, and then it all made sense.

Next up was telling all the men in my life (your Pappaw Rowton, Pappaw Goodwill, and Pappaw Tolar) and my step mom (your JJ) with the help of these.

il_570xN.739430836_lsmhLittle Elephant Crafts

I ordered golden eggs when cracked had a message inside revealing we are pregnant with you. Your Pappaw Goodwill thought it was chocolate at first, and when he realized it wasn’t he said, “That’s about the only thing better than chocolate.” I lost it! Hormones will make you do that right?! Your Pappaw Rowton and JJ just called me screaming with excitement.

Everyone is very excited about you coming into this world!


You are our grandest adventure!

You are loved more than you will ever know. I can’t believe you are growing inside of me right now. Your heartbeat is music to our ears and day by day you are talked about and cared for. Daddy is still trying to find us a house and takes care of Mommy as much as he can. I have found a new love for maternity pants. I don’t think I will ever wear another pair of pants for the rest of my life. I am sleeping all the time. I feel like a bottomless pit always staying hungry, but what I love about it is with all the changes my body is making, I know you are there. We will be seeing you!

With all our love,

Mommy and Daddy