Dixon’s 7th Month

It’s hard to believe, but we are on the downhill to one. Our butter ball is 7 months old and full of smiles, still not sleeping through the night, becoming quite the wiggle worm and has two toofies! CD9A5741 CD9A5742 CD9A5745 Dixon had an adventurous month! He…CD9A5750-dressed like a true Machacian (tank, jorts and crocs)
IMG_1464 IMG_1472IMG_1482 IMG_1483 -said his first word, “MaMa”IMG_1495 -celebrated Memorial Day weekend in ManchacIMG_1506 IMG_1511 -took his first swamp bathIMG_1534 IMG_1535 IMG_1562 -thinks red, white and pirate is a thingIMG_1570 IMG_1571 -started holding his bottle because he can feed himself faster than Mom and Dad apparentlyIMG_1577 -loves his rainforest jumpy so much he falls asleep in it after every workoutIMG_1590 IMG_1592 IMG_1593 -was happy about his 6 month appointment until shots happenedIMG_1603 -sleeps just like DadaIMG_1807-had his first hotel stay in Jacksonville, Florida
CD9A1216-went on his first vacation CD9A1229CD9A1237CD9A1234-roadtripped through Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South CarolinaCD9A1263-really likes hotel stays with Mama and DadaCD9A1288CD9A1296CD9A1295CD9A1294CD9A1293-saw the beach for the first timeCD9A1302CD9A1309 CD9A1326 CD9A1325 CD9A1324 CD9A1323 CD9A1321 CD9A1320 CD9A1319 CD9A1312 CD9A1311CD9A1359CD9A1353CD9A1335CD9A1334-explored CharlestonCD9A1366CD9A1384CD9A1402CD9A1412CD9A1404-had his first taste of Sweet teaCD9A1429CD9A1433CD9A1432-saw a 800 year old oak treeCD9A1434CD9A1462CD9A1461CD9A1458CD9A1455CD9A1453CD9A1452CD9A1451CD9A1450CD9A1446CD9A1445CD9A1444CD9A1441CD9A1435 -visited Minden for 10 daysIMG_1821 -got his dedication pictures with all his favorite peopleIMG_1825 IMG_1826 -stole toys from Aunt Kelly at the Minden garage saleIMG_1828 -sleeps in bed with Mama when Dada isn’t aroundIMG_1843 -gives the stink eye pretty wellIMG_1925 -tried to sneak in Mama’s suit case to MexicoFullSizeRender-had a blast with Bren Bren for 4 days while Mama was awayIMG_1998 -can eat baby food like a champ IMG_1999 -got some cuz timeIMG_2100 -relaxed with Papaw TubyIMG_2114 -was turned into butter by Bren BrenIMG_2160 -visited the Monkey’s in WoodworthIMG_2191 IMG_2194 IMG_2215 -celebrated Aunt Lizzy’s grandmother’s 90th birthdayIMG_2230 -likes grocery shopping with no pantsIMG_2274-can sit up like it’s his job

I feel like Dixon is changing so much this month. He no longer likes being on his back. He has to be moving squirming constantly. He tries to talk all the time. My favorite thing is how smiley he is. Every time he makes eye contact with you, his big grin lights up the room. He is still a good cuddle bear when he’s sleepy. He eats like no other.  Not only is he eating baby food twice a day, but he hasn’t slowed down his milk intake. He still longs for a bottle around 3am and I just can’t let him cry it out. I hear is tummy growl and quickly hand him a bottle. Speaking of bottle, he can hold it! This has been a huge help. Especially on road trips. I no longer have to pull over to feed him. I’m pretty sure once he starts sleeping though the night that I’ll think this whole kid thing is easy. Right? He is such a good baby and brings so much happiness into our household and lives. I am starting to forget what life was like without him.