Cinco De Dixon


As most of you know I like dressing our little man up for the holidays. I am only doing it for his first year (I promise), but this one has to be the funniest! I hope you get a good laugh like we did! CD9A7978 CD9A7979 He kept twitching his upper lip because the stache kept tickling his noes.CD9A7983 CD9A7985 CD9A7987 He nailed the pose all together!CD9A7988 CD9A7990 CD9A7992 CD9A8007 CD9A8013 CD9A8019 CD9A8021 CD9A8024 CD9A8028 CD9A8029 CD9A8030 CD9A8036 CD9A8041 CD9A8042 CD9A8043Have a safe and happy May 5th!